This makes me sooo mad

  1. I found a great LV pochette on eBay with a pretty decent starting bid and Im all set to place a bid and hopefully win it, when I notice shipping cost.


    How can people charge such a price??? Now no matter how much I win the bag for Im still paying 30 dollars more than I should be.

    (And not for nothing but I have a handbag up for sale on eBay and Im offering free shipping and a free gift. Why cant all people be like me?)
  2. Yeah, it's sad when sellers jack up the shipping price on such a small item...
    IMHO: I think they jack up the prices to cover Paypal/eBay fees... :s
  3. Yeah ITA. I just bought something that should NOT have cost $11 to ship, it was in one of those flat rate fiber envelopes and it was sent USPS. It wasn't anything huge but still..and it was in CA, only 2 zip codes away from me and took a week to get here.
  4. Its def a turnoff to buy the item. Esp with designer bags. I ship using post office 2 to 3 days and it cost $4.05 flat then .50 for confirmation and $1.35 for insurance. That is NOTHING. And as for covering paypal fees...too bad. Thats the price you pay for listing on Ebay.
  5. You can report the auction if you think the shipping charges are way out of line... I mean I've seen auctions where sellers actually charge 75US to ship within Canada :wtf:

    Excessive Shipping Charges Policy
  6. I just emailed her and asked why are the shipping cost so high and she said thats what it is to ship. Meanwhile I sell on ebay all the time and I know how much it costs to ship something...grrrrrrrrr this makes me so mad.

    To make matters worse its the only one of its kind on ebay and I havent seen another one for a month, I've been looking :crybaby:
  7. well depending on how it's wrapped and how heavy it is and how much insurance it needs. it's only 1.35 up to 100 (maybe 50) then it's more. the heavier it is, the more it costs to ship. 4.05 plus dc plus insurance is basic. that being said it probably won't cost her more than 10-15 but saying it should be like 6 is not really true either. etc.
  8. That's the reason I've really stopped buying anything on ebay-if you find a decently priced item. the shipping is ridiculous. I remember finding this cleansing oil I like for my skin for 5.00 and the seller was charging 25.00 shipping for an 8oz bottle!
  9. Sometimes shipping costs are a way sellers try to make a profit, but being from Canada, I can say it really is expensive to ship things from here, especially to California. Plus so many sellers won't even ship to Canada, which is totally frustrating when you find something rare.
  10. it could fit in a Priority box which is free and ship w/ insurance for under $7. . . I'd report them for excessive shipping. Ebay pulls items for that faster than the ones reporeted as fake!
  11. That kind of hiked up shipping also drives me crazy. I do think it's their way of trying to sneak in some extra bucks. Craziness...
  12. I agree! I saw shipping the other day that was 89 dollars!!!! :wtf:
  13. it shouldn't cost more than $12 or so, insurance included, to ship via USPS. that is quite frustrating!
  14. very true, i once sold a Chanel purse on Ebay and the Ebay, Paypal fee was almost 200 bucks!!!!:cursing:
  15. That's part of the reason I no longer want to SELL on ebay. I never know what the shipping will be. Sure I can look up a chart of rates but I have no idea how much a bag or a pair of boots or whatever will weigh once packed inside of whatever box I can fit it into. For that reason I usually guess. Sometimes I come out ahead. A lot of times I get screwed. I give up. I don't sell much on there anymore.