this little girl won't leave my baby alone!

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  1. hi ladies! i finally took my damier speedy 30 out. she's sooo gorgeous and i cant help but stare at her, people might think i'm going crazy. a little girl (about 5 yrs old) came up to me and started playing with my baby damier. i placed a strawberry charm and she keeps pulling it from the bag. oh no! she almost ripped the handles!!!:cry: worst, she kept touching the lock and keys and she just wants to rip them apart :crybaby:i kindly told her to stop doing such coz it could ruin my bag. she stopped for a minute and then went on again. i just decided to take off with my speedy.

    how do you ladies (and gents) handle people who won't leave your bag alone? this is my second experience. the first was with a friend who just grabbed the lock of my speedy so hard, i swear she almost ripped it.:mad:
  2. wow you were just out in public and a little girl just tryed to take your bag? where were her parents lol? anyways, if someone I didnt know tryed to do that i would have pulled it away from them and said they were being very rude. and walked away.
  3. WOW that is terrible. I have never had that happen to me.
  4. I have also never had this happen to me...I would move the bag out of reach...were her parents around?
  5. I've never had a stranger touch my bag! That's just crazy! I assume you didn't know this kid so what the heck where the parents doing?

    My dd who is 2 knows she isn't allowed to touch my LV's! May sound mean to some but her hands always have something on them! I gave her a few old Coach bags & wristlets to play with and she knows those are her bags to play with!
  6. Oh no, that's terrible! Glad you took off or else, we don't know what could have happened. I agree with the others, where are the parents of this curious little girl?
  7. Me neither.
  8. i make sure my bag is unreachable to children/animals... if it were people, i'd only let people i trust hold/touch my bag because they know how anal i am about my bags. :P
  9. the parents are not around, and i would feel more uncomfortable if they were. i know them and i dont want them to think i'm such a snob for just a piece of bag. not a lot around here are familiar with the damier pattern. so they probably wont understand. in fact, only 3 people eyed on my speedy and gave compliments (these are fashionistas who wear balenciaga, LV, fendi, gucci, cartiers, rolex, etc.) they didnt even touch my purse - a kind of respect you expect from "someone who knows."
  10. Yikes! Sorry that happened...I've experienced the same thing, only with adults, lol. Next time, just place your lovely LV out of reach of curious kids, animals and grabby people. In those situations, I simply do that without saying a word. That way I don't have to worry about hurting people's feelings or coming off snobby.
  11. scarey that a 5year old is out and about without a parent there....if you encounter that type of thing again please dont just leave her....try either finding parents or go straight to an employee to report it.....

    of course tell her not to touch and keep the LV away!
  14. Sorry that happened to you, I'd be pretty upset too. I'm not fond of children, so I'd be pretty mad if some child was getting grabby with my stuff especially after I had already told her to stop. I agree with everyone else, next time put your LV out of reach. :yes:
  15. I understand what you're saying, but I don't think you should worry about being seen as a snob for worrying that such an expensive item, be it a car, clothing, jewelry or a handbag would be ruined or damaged by a child who hasn't been taught to listen to an adult. I'm sure you have worked hard to acquire your LV, why should you allow it to be torn apart simply to keep peace with parents who should teach their child that some things are for looking and not touching, especially when an adult requests that you keep your little hands to yourself.