This Linea Pelle bag... Opinions?

  1. Hi ladies, I like this Linea Pelle bag. I can get it $389 with a coupon code. Is it cute enough to pay that much? I've been looking for a brown bag for ages. Also, does it look too trendy, or is it something that I can still carry in 5-10 years? Thanks!

  2. I think it's a very cute bag! I say go for it. :yes:
  3. Thanks chelsae! Any other opinions?
  4. I like it...such a great price!
  5. It should be in style for at least a few years. Up to 10 yrs, Idon't know--that's a long time. Pretty color.
  6. I think it's really cute too!
  7. I really like it! I almost bought it in the pumpkin color when I thought it was a mustardy color. I decided against it when I spoke to a Linea Pelle sales rep that said it's actually a bright orange color.
  8. I really like it too! Go for it!
  9. Definitely go for it! It's cute and I love it.
  10. I love the style of this bag, but I don't think I'd pay $400 for it...when I saw it in person it wasn't impressed w/ the quality. Also, I don't the style will hold up for more than a few years...the hardware might become a little much. For $200 I would say go for it. JMO
  11. I tend to never have over £20 lmao..

    I think it's a cute bag :biggrin:
  12. Thanks ladies!

    paelaf, what weren't you impressed with? Any concrete details? i.e. the stitching, or leather quality...
  13. it's cute but a little too many studs.
  14. I think it's cute! I'd try and find it on eBay or wait till its on sale. I haven't seen this bag in person, but I have a brown LP bag that I absolutely adore.
  15. OOH! I love that bag! I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but this seems perfect! Where is it available to purchase, if you don't mind my asking? Or at least what is the style called? :idea: