This Is Wildly Inappropriate



    Kim Kardashian and her diseased womb walked the red carpet Saturday night at a benefit for the Nicole Brown Foundation, and I'll trust you to use your own creative profanity here, but if it doesn't sound like "selfish" and "attention" and "whore", you should probably start over. Lets do some quick math:
    Kim Kardashian is the daughter of Robert Kardashian. Robert Kardashain was the attorney for OJ Simpson, who helped Simpson get away with murder after he came within an inch of chopping off Nicole Browns head.
    This is maybe the most selfish thing I've ever seen. The only way it could be any more despicable is if she got Chris Benoit to baby-sit while she went out or she came dressed as a ghost.
  2. Sorry for all the recent article posts :p Just reading up on some celeb gossip here at work! But this totally hit me in the gut... I mean... talk about seriously inappropriate.
  3. Superficially, it's nice she's showing her support for Nicole Brown's Foundation.

    I don't know how Kim felt about the O.J. case. Hell, I don't know how her dad felt about the case. He was paid to defend O.J. and he did.

    I could see how that could make people uneasy, though.
  4. What's inappropriate? The article or Kim? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Kim didn't actually defend OJ in court, did she? So I don't get why, just because her father was a defense attorney, Kim must be automatically pro-OJ? And BTW, I'm no OJ fan, but here in America, we have this wonderful justice system that allows for defense attorneys. That was Robert Kardashian's job. Whether he believed in OJ's innocence is moot -- the prosecution had to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and Kardashian's job was to provide a smidgen of doubt to the prosecution's claims.

    I do, however, think the writer of that article crossed several lines with his/her language.
  5. I agree with Caitlin and LVShoeFan.
  6. I just copied and paste the title of the actual article.

    But I would think (having an aunt that was abused and almost killed) that all the anger that we felt of the situation, if someone (meaning the actual paid lawyer) did show up for the benefit we'd be extremely uncomfortable. But it is his daughter and what he does doesn't always reflect her. But when someone has experienced trauma like that, everyone is sensitive. I wouldn't be friends with the attorney's daughter... just because it would just be too uncomfortable.
  7. My mom, who has followed every single detail of the O.J. trial when it was on, noted that even her dad looked shocked when the 'not guilty' verdict was read.
  8. If lawyers declined to defend people they have personal feelings for, they'd be screwed. They'd be out of jobs.
  9. Right. Totally agree. Lawyers are there to not have personal affects with their cases... However on a family stand point (on the victims side) everyone is a blur and the fact that you were representing his side of the case is really tough.

    Whoops I just reread my second post - I meant as in the article sounding hypocritical in sounding wildly inappropriate.

    I didn't follow the case much but the article stuck out to me
  10. Also I believe that Kim's mom, Kris Jenner was good friends with Nicole. I once read a book by a friend of Nicole's that had lots of pics of vacations that the families took together. When Kim was a girl she knew Nicole. So it makes sense to me...
  11. Being a lawyer is a job. A lawyer works for whoever hires him.
    I'm pretty sure that Kim was still a little young during the OJ trial(s) and I really don't find anything too wrong with her attending that event. It's not like she's saying or doing anything offensive.
  12. Yeah let's remember she was pretty young during the trial, or at least in her mid teens. Wasn't like she consulted on the case or anything! And even so, lawyers are hired to represent their clients, plain and simple.

    Oh and a little OT but I didn't realize Robert Kardashian passed away in 2003? Man, where have I been?

  13. yup
  14. yeah....the whole thing could be perceived as a bit tasteless....
  15. At least her dad did something useful with his life. Even if you hate them or think they are morally corrupt, defense attorneys are an essential part of our society. People who do nothing but go places where their photo will be taken are not an essential or useful part of our society.