This is why some people shouldn't drive...(RANT)

  1. Dh and I caught an early movie today, and en route I saw something unbelievable. I watched an SUV cross over in front of a car AND COME TO A COMPLETE STOP on a semi-expressway where cars are going 50 mph (Roosevelt Blvd for those familiar with Philadelphia). The SUV was approximately 4 feet in front of the car it cut in front of when the owner had the brilliant idea of coming to a complete stop. There was no traffic light in sight (hence no reason to slow down, much less stop, and in an inner lane from which one cannot make any turns). I felt an immediate surge of anger as a parent of a 4yr old because the SUV chick was a complete moron and could've caused a fatality. I hate to say this as a woman, but women drivers do some of the dumbest things on the road. This SUV chick just sat there completely stopped and looked like she was looking for a certain building. I don't get why so many of us women are terrible drivers.
  2. Unbelievable. A bad driver is a dangerous thing, a bad driver in a big vehicle is terrifying.
  3. BAD place to stop....eeek!
    Ive seen many bad drivers do this unfortunately
  4. OMG! I hate driving around that area. I live waaaaay out in the burbs, but I went to Franklin Mills last week and the traffic was making me nuts. Driving in NE Philly = :noggin:

    I used to live in Philly years ago. I don't miss it :nogood:
  5. I hate driving in Philly too. It's a necessary evil for me. I live in the 'burbs in Montgomery County but I work in Philly. In big cities, drving is a hassle!
  6. Oh, god, don't get me started Rockst@r! Everytime I've been cutoff or almost had an accident, it's been a woman driver. I'm trying not to start a huge battle about sexism LOL. I think I'm ultra-sensitive at the moment, because the woman who parks her car opposite me in our carpark at work drives the biggest SUV ever and she ALWAYS, always, parks half her bonnet in my carpark. I'm convinced she has no idea how big her car is and just drives it forward, then gets out and happily goes to work without even chekcing. :cursing:

    I think this is what gets my goat the most; I've often seen someone driving so badly that they've almost killed someone or run them off the road, yet they sit there happily talking on their phone, or don't even notice what they've done!!

    I better take myself off this thread before I have a heart attack LOL - but don't worry, you have my utmost sympathy!
  7. I agree..some women just can't drive...especially when they are in huge cars that are way too big for them! I see it all the time..and to top it off they are always oblivious to other drivers..and talking on their cell phones...drives me nuts!
  8. I just don't get it. I've seen this happen a million times, and it's even happened to me where someone has cut me off to then stop when NOTHING is going on in front of them. Luckily, I've had enough room to stop in advance, and never gotten into an accident b/c of their stupidity. This gets me so upset, even when I see it happen to other people... there's no need!
  9. Roosevelt Blvd is the worst! My family owns a business in North Philly and I used to run deliveries in that area - I always felt like I may not make it back b/c that road is so full of bad drivers! And don't even get me started on Septa (for non-eastern PA people, that's our public transportation system) - if I get cut off by a bus pulling out into the midddle of traffic without looking one more time . . .
  10. ^ OMG! Yes. Driving a huge SUV, drinking a huge coffee, talking on on the phone, yelling at their kids (while their kids are watching a dvd, probably with the volume turned all the way up). I have no patience for this. I feel like if they can afford all that stuff, they should invest in a babysitter. Or here's a novel idea-- put down the latte, hang up the phone, and DRIVE. Distracted drivers are bad drivers. Period. It's a proven fact!
  11. People like that should not be permitted to drive!!
  12. ^ I have. I was driving a little sports car, going ~50 in a 45 and a guy in a huge old Ford Astro had a yield and was waiting to merge onto the road. He was sitting there stopped like he wasn't going to go and there was NOBODY behind me. So I'm moving along and he rolls right out in front of me and then SLAMS on his brakes for no reason. I slammed on my brakes and swerved, but I still clipped his bumper. His car was already beat to sh*t and a piece of his already cracked bumper fell off. My car, which had been in perfect condition had almost $1k in damage. When the cop came the guy went ballistic and tried to tell him that I did it on purpose and that I was drunk (I wasn't. It was 6pm on a tuesday and I was 20) :confused1:

    I didn't get in any trouble, although I could have gotten fined. To this day I wonder if it wasn't one of those insurance scams :hrmm:
  13. to me it seems like a lot of people who drive SUVs...dont know how to drive an SUV.

    this one person (wasnt sure if male or female) took an extremely long time to switch lanes. mind you this person's indicator was on for the past like 30 minutes. the lane the person was suppose to enter could have filled a couple of trucks!!
  14. That drives me crazy. Or when I go to let people in and they take forever, then by the time I give up and go to get past them they swerve over into my lane. Some guy in an SUV last night realized he wanted to get into my lane to get on the freeway so he just started to swerve into the side of me. I honked and the two people behind me laid on their horns, it was just so unbelievable and scary.
  15. Actually, statistically men are worse drivers than women. I think the stereotype that women are bad drivers has been perpetuated because when someone sees a woman driving poorly, they already have the stereotype in mind and almost use it as evidence that it's true. When they see a male driving like an idiot, they have no prior stereotype to attest it to, and so they don't make him the representative of his entire gender. I'm a fine driver, and I think it's especially sad when people are so quick to blame someones poor choices as a characteristic of her gender.