This is why I will never buy another Coach bag on eBay...

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  1. Last month I found a bag that I really liked and debated on whether to get it in leather or signature fabric. I posted a thread here and asked for everyone’s opinion:

    I decided that leather was the best option for me. A couple weeks ago I was at a Coach outlet and, after seeing the bag in person, I fell in love with it. It was rather pricey so I didn’t buy it that day because I wanted to check eBay prices first. When I got home I found one on eBay with a buy-it-now price. Once taxes and shipping charges were figured in it was nearly $100 less than the outlet price. It was listed as new with tags, in mint condition and that it would be shipped in Coach tissue. I thought about it for a couple days and decided to buy it and I paid immediately.

    Six days later (8/28), after no contact from the seller, I emailed her to confirm that she received my payment and shipped my bag. I also asked for tracking information. She responded promptly and said that she would email it to me when she got home from work, which she never sent. The next morning I emailed my request again and, again, no response.

    Yesterday, 8/30, I got a parcel notification requesting signature confirmation from the post office. I picked up my package today during my lunch hour. When I saw the clerk walk up to the counter with my package in hand I was quite surprised because it was one of the smaller thin priority boxes. When I got to my car the first thing I did was check the mailing date: 8/28. She didn’t ship my package until she received my email and that makes me really mad. Then, to make matters even worse, she crammed my bag in that box. It is now completely misshapen and an absolute wreck. The straps are bent up and the leather on the bag is creased in some spots.

    What in the world would compel someone to do such a thing? She ruined my bag! Needless to say, I emailed her as soon as I got back to work. I asked her why she didn’t ship my bag until I asked her about it 6 days later and why she shipped my bag in that box. She said that she had a "serious personal situation" and that, "I have shipped several of these bags and no one has ever complained of the bag being misshapen." Do you know how many times I have heard the "serious personal situation" story? If that was true, why didn't she say that in her initial response? Bull.

    My biggest problem with the whole mess is the manner in which it was shipped. Here's my take: from the second she gets my payment, that bag becomes my property. If she wants to treat her own property like crap, that's her prerogative. She has an obligation to me to take care of my property while it is still in her possession. Regardless of whether or not anyone has ever complained about how she ships these bags, didn't it occur to her as she was jamming it in the box that it might be a little fubar by the time I got it?

    Never again. I should have spent the extra money and bought it directly from the outlet. I don't expect perfect boutique-quality merchandise from an eBay seller but I do expect a little professionalism and respect. I am an eBay seller, as well, and I would NEVER handle someone else's property that way.
  2. Oh man, I hear ya. Those Priority mail boxes are the scourge of eBay, and not just for handbags. I once bought two out of print, very limited edition and highly collectable laserdiscs from a guy on eBay, and he just flattened one of those Priority mail boxes and shoved them in that to mail them. It's a wonder they made it here uncracked, let alone not broken in half.

    At the very least, I'd leave a neutral expressing your concern about how it was shipped, and yes, when stuff is also available in the outlet store, it's usually less traumatic to just suck it up and buy it there, even if it costs a bit more.

    That said, there are plenty of people here who would be glad to recommend a reputable Coach seller on ebay, if you ever decide to take the plunge again. Good luck on getting your new bag in some reasonable kind of shape!
  3. That is really sad. I can't believe that a seller would stake their reputation by mishandling a package that way. So far I have had great experiences buying Coach bags from amazing sellers so now I only buy from a few select sellers that I know will handle the bags and packaging properly and are prompt in their email replies.
  4. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I've only bought 4 of my coach items from ebay...and other than one who said that "ebay messaging must be off because no one is getting my messages" when I asked for an update....I've had GREAT luck. But I'm also super picky about who I buy from. They have to have 100% feedback and all glowing comments....I try to read through the last 100 or so comments and make sure I'm comfortable with the seller before I bid.
  5. I sell my old purses and buy sometimes on ebay and never had a problem...I'm so sorry...I try to treat people only how I want to be treated and I only buy from people with a 99 % or higher rating. I hate when I get disappointed so I'm sure you are too.
  6. Oooooh, there are sellers like that. Hoping to cram it in cause they don't have the right sized box or to save postage. Grrr. My kate spade bucket was folded and I can't get the crease out. I was soooo bummed.
  7. Arrgh, how annoying! I always worry about that with my bags. The one time I didn't have a box big enough, I taped two boxes together and then wrapped it up in brown paper because I didn't want to mess it up. :sad: Some people have no brains.
  8. I don't know how many bags I have bought on eBay but it wouldn't surprise me if the number was somewhere between 50-75. I have occasionally had other sellers do this to me before but what yanked me all out of sorts was the fact that this was a brand new bag, with tags, that had a retail price near $500.
  9. i am sure that there are many sellers out there who are super friendly and once the payment has been transferred, they are slow in emails and posting out items. for me, if i sell something, i will make sure that the item is in 100% tip top condition for postage, coz i would want the same thing to be sent to me as well.
  10. I've had sellers be slow in delivering the goods, and had sellers not provide me with any status update but ship the item fast. I've never had someone ship me goods in poor condition, though. What a shame. Did she even wrap it in Coach tissue like she said she would? Every bag I've bought on eBay, Coach or otherwise, has come carefully wrapped in an appropriate box. The Coach stuff is usually carefully wrapped in Coach tissue. I'd be so angry if I were you. I'd be tempted to leave a negative, stating that the bag wasn't shipped according to the sellers' promise, and that it arrived late and damaged.
  11. I would leave a negative...but than that starts a whole other mess with ebay. I'm really bothered by sellers who won't leave feedback until after you do... If you as a buyer fulfilled your duty and paid in a timely should receive positive feedback. And then there are the sellers that if you leave them negative feedback - they leave YOU negative feedback...even if you paid within minutes of auction end.
  12. thanks for sharing this experience with us. This further underscores why I won't buy bags on horrible to ruin a brand new bag! Seller was a lazy a$$ using a too-small box. I don't buy the 'serious personal situation' crap either. I wish you the best in getting the bag back in shape :flowers: