This is what I think- how about U-

  1. I have been anmember here for a while, and I must say you ladies have not helped me control my shopping/chanel addiction (but thats a good thing).
    Anyway with all our wonerful post and bags, I really think
    All the advertising we do here for CHANEL we have HIKED UP their sales at least 50%-IMO
    Some people are prone to buy Chanel anyway. But I know alot of you ladies like me, when you see all our pics with new and different bags it sends us on a hunt to get that bag. We can share what we've bought and how much we have spent- with out feeling as if we are bragging- which I personally get alot from people..
    Thanks to the reference thread- we can see what a bag looks like on all shapes and sizes in different color variations and all.
    With all that being said Chanel should comp us all a free accessory or give us a nice little discount on our next purchase. I know its wishful thinking- but hey wouldnt it be nice- Just one of my crazy thoughts running through my mind this morning. ( I just paid bills- so I came on the forum to relax my brain- figures were running in overtime LOl)
    oh yeah-
    and not just Chanel- how about all the department stores---online- Bluefly. I never even heard of them until I joined this forum...
    Thanks to all the helpful SA's that belong to the forum, because they have been helpful...:heart::heart:
  2. I personally do not agree that the members here hiked up chanel sales by 50%. I do agree that alot of members here have contributed to the sale of alot of chanel merchandise, but 50% is far more then what I believe to be factual. Ladies on this forum, in the chanel subform, make up a very very very very x 10 small part of the chanel clan and even smaller proportion of the general luxury buying public. I live in a huge city in the west coast and dont see alot of people with chanel at all. Everytime I walk into the boutique or a NM counter...I usually see 3-4 people who are genuinely interested in buying, others seem to freak at the price tag and walk right out....

    I personally would like chanel to regain the exclusivity they one had, maybe raising prices would help :smile: ( another thread though)
  3. 50%? No way, not in my opinion anyhow.

    In the GRAND scheme of things, we have certainly increased their sales by a little, but not 50% IMO.

    If anything, I think all the young celebs; Scar Jo, Mischa, Rachel, Nicole, etc. . . have had more to do w/ increased sales than us.
  4. I have to agree with the others. While we have definitely enabled each other, and helped loosen each others "purse strings" as it were, that's about it. Would it even be safe to say that we account for 1% of Chanel sales? I mean remember, they are a brand known worldwide and women in many countries covet them.
  5. Ok, so I overstated a few-.. I was giving all of us more credit than what we deserved
    It was kind of a little joke but I guess it was not taken that way.. Cause we all know we would never be given a discount... Sorry to offend anyone
  6. Oh I don't think anyone could be offended!:flowers:
    I took your questions seriously {aside from the discount/gift}, gave it thought and answered, that's all :yes:
  7. I don't think you offended anybody, we just thought you were serious and were disagreeing with you, that's all. ;)

    ***edit*** posted at the same time as you swanky. *L* I could have saved myself the trouble.
  8. honestly.... this forum is not making me more chanels, it made me smarter in choosing which chanel i liked the most and can flatter my figure...

    with the craziness of the coco cabas which made me jump over here for the first time, if i don't know this forum, i would be teh girl who bought those cabases for the price in eBay...
    this forum and the girls helped me found the bags i want with the reasonable price! :yes:

    kudos to all u girls in this chanel sub forum :love:
  9. Well I think Chanel should give us a discount too LOL!!!
    It'd sure be nice! :nuts:
    (only *wishful* thinking of course!)
  10. actually, I know a guy who works for production compny in LA ( I think its Warner bros) hes some sort of big hancho there and gets "free bags". Early last year he got the luxury linge bowling bag in mate leather for free and sold it to me for only $1600.00. People in the "business" always get things for free....ughh the rich always get richer hehe