This is what happens when my hubby bans me from LV LOL!


May 30, 2006
Heheheeee!! Ok so I haven't had time to take photos of all my stuff but I just got my Cruiser in and I HAD to take photos of it for you. So this is what happens to me when my loving wonderful hubby bans me from buying any bags :hysteric::lol:




The cruiser is totally awesome!! It's HUGE!! With the way I like to pack I could fit more than a week in there, without shoes of course. I couldn't believe my luck! I got it on eBay for 750.00 and it's in pristine condition. It retails close to 2k!:wlae:
I'd say the alternative is pretty darn good :smile: .What do you think of the crusier size wise?I've been thinking about ordering that as my first luggage piece of 2007.
haha you naughty girl!
But yes, haha way to sneak around him LOL. I love everything you bought, the pink inclusion is soo beautiful! And I love the vernis agenda also..
LOL did you buy this all at once?
^It's incredible!! If your like me I pack by rolling everything up in a tight roll. That way it fits more and it keeps the clothes nice. I can fit tons in it and I *think* it could be a carry on although I'm not entirely sure.