This is really random, but I just realized that

  1. my mom have a playground bv. I knew my mom has a tokidoki bag, but I haven't seen her wearing it. Well my dad and she drove down from the Bay Area to see me (I moved to SoCal after I got married) yesterday, and she was carrying a playground bv. That bag looks so hot :drool: . I SO want it. Maybe next time I visit her, I will borrow it and never return it :devil:. Hahaha. My mom was way ahead of me; I better catch on faster next time. Too bad she didn't stay overnight, so I didn't get to take a picture of it.
  2. heh, i want something in playground too..but ahh...gotta save.
  3. your mom is cool!
  4. I have a playground BV...but I never carry it. I didn't have it long before I got my foresta and now it just sadly sits in my make up room...
  5. LOL thats cute! My mom was looking at tokidoki bags with me last night.. but she just wants something from LeSportsac.. since the material is good and its cheaper to buy something non-tokidoki.

    I have a playground cangurino! Its nice and small cuz I'm so short and tiny -___- The canguro is too big for me! It looks weird on..
  6. qtiekiki - your mom is so cool! i think if my mom knew how much my bags were, she would faint because it's not "high end designer" and "classic". :yucky: well ... maybe she wouldn't faint... unless she saw how many i had/intend to have! lol. :lol:
  7. yeah my mom has really good fashion sense ever since me and my sisters were little. it's not like we were rich when we were growing up, but she never really have issues with us spending too much on things, well unless we are maxing out cc and getting in debt. now that we are grown, my mom is even more willing to spend on things because she said that she has extra cash since she isn't supporting us anymore. actually she buys me a lot of stuffs still, but i guess she doesn't have to house and feed me. i am really lucky.
  8. yeah you are lucky haha...:biggrin: thats cool that your mom has a playground bv :biggrin:
  9. Thats to cute! My playground BV was one of my first bags and I love it.
    The other day my mom asked me for one of my caramella's and she picked my inferno one to use. She also asked me for another bag to use while she visited her BF who lives in San Francisco. I gave her 5 bags to choose from and she picked my foresta ciao ciao. I told her she looks hot with the bags and to never think differently. Yay for mom's who rock tokidoki! :yahoo:
  10. I was thinking to get my mom a toki bag..any suggestion as to what style of bag and what print ? TIA
  11. I got my mom a bianco buon viaggio but I think it's too big for her... lol it would've probably been better to get her a mamma mia but the bv I got a really good deal on... but that's just my mom she also liked my paradiso bambino and citta rosa dolce which she has co-claimed with me :smile:

    there was an SA that said she noticed that more younger people got forestas and cittas while the older ladies got citta rosas... I don't know how true that is though
  12. My mom saw my tokidoki airplanes shirt on Saturday, then saw my PG BB's on Sunday and thought they were soo cute!! I asked if she wanted one since I have 2 and she sounded soo excited to see them but she said no, it's not her style..
    I was surprised because she saw my inferno and citta bags and was like 'they look almost the same, why get so many?'
  13. parents...they can be so funny :lol:

  14. That's exactly what mine said, "you got one- you got them all, spend your money on clothes instead".
    I got so mad, they are not the same at all! :push:
    Paradiso looks nothing like Amore which looks nothing like Spiaggia or Trasporto! :shrugs:
  15. :lol: ...well then they are hinting you to get more toki shirts :lol:, maybe then they probably tell you to get more bags after they've seen all your toki shirts:confused1: