This is my Marc Jacobs Family shot!

  1. Missing from the picture: cream w/ maroon stitching/inside suede Venetia.

    Sophias: Washed Rose, Indigo, Peacock Blue
    MP: Black, Large
    Stella: Oatmeal - maroon suede inside
    Blake: Emerald Green
    IMG_3611 (Small).JPG IMG_3606 (Small).JPG IMG_3608 (Small).JPG IMG_3613 (Small).JPG IMG_3621 (Small).JPG
  2. How lovely! I am so jealous of your Blake!
  3. Very nice collection :drool:. It's a very thematic color combination.
  4. Fabulous!! Love your bags, you've got a well rounded color selection going on there. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Very nice family shot....drooling
  6. Beautiful collection! I love your Stella!!
  7. wow! I love them all! You have such a diverse and lovely selection of colors!
  8. Wow, I'm drooling here! VERY nice collection.
  9. that's a gorgeous family!! Great color combination!!
  10. What a beautiful collection!
  11. Lovely collection and great colors!
  12. lovely collection
  13. Thanks ladies!!! I'm gonna prepare the Emerald Blake for take off this week! hahah
  14. oh, i adore the indigo sophia!
  15. Congrats on your gorgeous collection!