This is my last poll.........I promise.


Which would you recommend for the Courier?

  1. INK


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  1. Please disregard my insanity but I need your help again deciding on a color. I've decided to go with the Courier instead of the the idea of hands free to carry other bags, kids, etc......

    Which color would you choose? Ink or Anthracite?

    They both are dark neutral colors. Anthra has tdf smooshy soft leather. I've never seen Ink in person but it seems to be a very sought after color and I like that it has purple undertones. What do you all think? Also, don't consider my current collection, that is subject to change.;)
  2. You are SO lucky girl to be getting more than one bag right now! I'm jealous!:roflmfao: I would say definitely say INK!
  3. my heart goes out to INK ! :yes: :drool:
  4. Ink for me too - anthracite is just not doing it for me - I guess cos I think its very similar to the marine
  5. my ink's leather looks more smooshy than the pics of seen of anthracite. i love my ink :heart:
  6. Ink! I prefer purples more than greens.
  7. INK although may I suggest blueberry - I have a blueberry courier and in some light it has purple undertones, it really pops against greens and purples!
  8. My vote is for INK! My Ink Box is so smooshy and I just adore her! :love:
  9. must vote for ink :p
  10. Oh, this isn't LUCK. This is OCD......I'll definitely be selling a couple bags because of my indecisiveness. :sweatdrop:
  11. Okay, I know I'm totally in the minority here, but I voted Anthracite. I think that the dark slate colour and the nuances of it would look amazing in the courier. But then I am biased because I am not a huge purple fan.

  12. ITA!
    I just didn't love Ink .... I voted for Antrhacite :yes:
  13. Anthracite.:yes: even though the color didn't excite me much but i think in the courier style will be fabulous.:wlae:
  14. Well... I completely understand your indecisiveness as I would have just as hard of a time as you picking between the two... I think both would look equally good and make you just a happy but - my vote goes out to Anthracite. It's readily available and I'm ceratin absolutely spectacular in a Courier. Good Luck with your decision!
  15. ink!!