this is my first time posting in the hermes forum,what would you recommend as a 1st

  1. and probably only hermes bag, i want something that will definitely go over the shoulder and lightweight ( i have read in a couple posts where some of the bags are quite heavy), and prices would be great too (particularly canadian prices). Thanks so much in advance.
  2. what is your budget? there are sooo many bags.

    there are shoulder birkins, evelyns, it depends on what you want to spend!
  3. around $7000CAD.
  4. If you need a big shoulder bag, I think the bigger lindy might be nice.

    For a smaller shoulder bag I always love the trims, but I don't have one.
  5. the lindy would be perfect!
  6. ^^^

    I agree... the Lindy would be perfect...
  7. let's not forget the evelyne!:yes: :heart: :yes: :heart:
  8. pictures? and how hard are they to get? thanks everyone. now i have a starting point :smile:
  9. For a very light bag, I would suggest the Massai

    There are lots of pics of these bags in the ref section
  10. Do go to the reference section on top, and browse through pictures of most, if not all, of the H bags.

    I highly recommend the Evelyne and Lindy as your first bag.
  11. I think the Lindy is fairly light and would be an excellent first bag.
  12. If this might be your only H bag, be sure to try a kelly and a bolide. They're classic, have shoulder straps and aren't too heavy in medium and smaller sizes.
  13. I don't even own an H bag (YET!!!), but are you at all anywhere near a boutique? Some you can rule out right away by looking at pics, but others you need to touch, feel, see how they look on you. I've been browsing through the reference section for a couple of months. I did try out a kelly at the boutique & fell in love. I still want to try out a bolide. I felt personally kind of "eh" about the evelyne (tried it out, too), but others here adore it! So, it all depends on your tastes & style. Good luck!
  14. The Trim II was my first bag and it's lightweight and so easy to carry! They are around $3500 USD ans this is the original Jackie 'O' bag!

    If you can spend a little more, definitely check out the Kelly and Bolide!
  15. TrimII? i've been lurking around, and this is the first time i'm hearing about this bag, looks like i have alot more research to do...tks for the suggestions.