This is just wrong...........

  1. Us Weekly -

    It's one thing to rag on Britney, she does look a $hitty mess, but why do they have to pick on a baby? He has no say in what he wears.
  2. that Baby is soooo cute! why are they picking on him?
  3. Sean is a little cutie :smile:
  4. That's just really Fu**ed Up! Why should they act like asses and pick on such a cute baby.:censor::rant:
  5. He's such a cute baby. US Magazine & any other mags that pick on babies are just low!
  6. I think Sean P is a cutie!

    "Worst Dress Man"???? Geeze he is not even a toddler yet! Us has way too much time on their hands!
  7. Wasn't his dad just the worst dressed man?? Why would they pick on a child, that is so mean!! He is too cute!
  8. Yeah, OK ... I am no fan of Britney's but feel bad in this case. It's not like her kid dresses himself?!:shrugs: US need to get a life!:rant:
  9. He's such a cute baby!!!!! Shame on US Weekly
  10. they are picking on a baby !!! Not fan of her either but come on...
  11. US is a baad mag they do this sort of think like every week :sad:
  12. That's not fair! Sean Preston is just precious! (And I kind of liked the sweater thing he was wearing).

    To me, it's kind of refreshing to see Britney not looking so damned coiffed all the time. (At the same time, though, would it kill Britney to put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Juicy Couture sweatsuit? SOMETHING to show she cares about her appearance at least a LITTLE!)
  13. Geeze, leave the kid alone! He's going to grow up to be a beautiful kid.
  14. it's a beautiful child....
  15. i feel sorry for the kid.. he has lots to worry about in the future other than his the way he "gets" dressed!