This is just horrible!!!

  1. I used to live in PR,and when i was on yahoo i saw this
    This is just a rant coming from me but this is one of the reasons i hated living there theres a lot of animal cruelty there and no justice At all!I used to have this neighbor that hit his little dog i even called the cops and they didnt do anything it just pisses me off how people are in there im not saying all but GEEZ.
    Im so mad im so glad i moved i would never go back again.
  2. I'm 100% born, raised, and I live in Puerto Rico. The states have incorporated animal cruelty prevension laws SLOWLY. We're not different. There's a pretty large movement working on those changes right now. Glad you left if you hate us so much.
  3. Oh that´s awful, such a waste.
  4. OH MY GOD!!! I read this early this morning and was so horrified I was shaking and crying!:crybaby: Even typing this tears are welling up in my eyes! Those poor helpless furbabies and the traumatized children that witnessed the "confiscation". Makes me so sick. May I please be the one to throw those evil monsters that did this off that bridge? I hope the "peope" responsible for this evil disgusting act rot in hell!:mad:
  5. I just posted that. As an American territory, we definitely have an obligation to step in if they are too incompetent to ensure their own ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICIERS do not do crazy and cruel things.
  6. Omg :cursing: how cruel!
  7. Disgusting.

    NONE of my tourist dollars will go to this country until they treat their animals more humanely, thats for sure!
  8. This makes me :mad:. Disgusting.