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  1. Ok i have to save up money for a plain ticket to vancouver and i have to go in may ( i dont have any money), So tonight i went to the mall and there was a booth selling fake Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Ect.

    I went there and looked around the lady new nothing and was like buy this buy that this match your louis vuitton bag and i said i buy the real thing and she was not very happy when i bourght that up.

    Then she is like ok i have no money and i felt bad and bought $40 dollar of fake crap and then i thought i was so stupid to buy that much and was like i need to return this because it is falling apart.

    And she is like you now i say no return and i say no return. When she said i could return up to a week after.

    I am so mad and i think i might call the mall sacerity because one man say that there is no knock off alowed in the mall and if caught they will be fined an amount of money.

  2. what mall?
  3. um it is in edomton alberta canada
  4. edmonton!! i love that mall!

    Go talk to the lady again and tell her that if she doesn't comply, you'll report her. good luck
  5. i will
  6. report her immediately
  7. hahaah i know what booth you are talking about! i saw it last week when i was up there. you had a weak moment of compassion...hopefully you can get something done about it. maybe she has a reurn/exchange sign on her booth stating you have a week to return?
  8. i dont want thing to get messy so i dont now if i will report her
  9. i would go back to her and tell her that her return policy stated a week and that she either take the bag back or you will report her! she knows that if she's selling fakes it's illegal or at least wrong and shouldn't take advantage of someone trying to be nice
  10. Hold on
    You bought the item out of compassion for the lady? So you do know that you are buying a fake and your main purpose then is just to give her $40 out of kindness, right? :suspiciou
    Don't mind me asking but why are you changing your mind now? I trully feel that the moment you made that decision to give her the $40 'charity' its considered lost money. :oh:
    I don't think its right to threaten to report her to the mall security. I mean, of coz you can do anything you want, but its like taking a personal check that you made out to charity back and making threats just to ensure that you get your money back? :wacko:
    Besides, if you are tight with money, why would you buy a fake bag for $40 ? You shouldn't even be 'splurging'...
    I am not poor but $40 is still a lot to me.

    Seems to me that you are having a 'buyer's remorse' and you are trying to use threat to get your money back.

    Neways, good luck with whatever you chose to do.
  11. Wow, that sucks!
  12. Ooooohhhh.....that really sucks!! But hey, since you only wear real LV bag and hate fakes, why do you even buy in the first place?? Out of compassion?? So ridiculous!!!! I thought you're tight with money?? So, how come you don't feel anything parting with $40?? It's not as if you're not in your real mind at that time. Very fishy...........
  13. And have bought the bag and then, you're going to call the security?? Don't backstab girl. If you want to report to the security, you should not even have bought the bag in the 1st place. That lady need no COMPASSION!!!
  14. I'm thinking that if you truly only buy the real deal you would have looked at her bags laughed then reported her. Not purchase one..

    Much to say you are stating you are tight on money but you bought a fake bag .. :shame: Seems odd, then you want to return it and possibly report her.. Seems to me that you should suck it up and do what you will with the purchase you made and move on.

    Like others have asked if it was a charity purchase you cant expect that money back, second i dont know about the lv booth but most in the malls close to me only get store/booth credit.

    But regardless you should know better then to puchase a fake...:sick:

  15. I have to say something. Do you know how much it costs to rent a Kiosk in a mall. I am sure she is not poor if she can do that. Poor people do not have $1,000's to pay rent in a mall. Next time give to a charity! Report her!!! You sound like a good hearted person but dont get dooped by people with sob stories!

    Chalk it up as a life experience and report her!