This is $500??!!?!?

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  1. cute but not for that much!!
  2. No way would I pay that much for plastic!!! :tdown:
  3. I've wondered what the story is on that bag. The price is insane, IMHO.
  4. It would be impossible to keep clear plastic looking clean and crisp. That bag would be a huge waste of money!
  5. Thanks, I'll check them out. It doesn't always have to be long as I have all the Coaches I want, I can have other bags too ;)
  6. it's ridiculous.
  7. that is seriously overpriced! :tdown:
  8. looks like a "free w/ purchase" bag
  9. there was a picture of it in Us Weekly this week

    not worth the price!
  10. Yeah, it's not even that cute! :tdown: No offense, but WHY would you get that when you could have gotten a carly & a wristlet?!
  11. I think it's kind of cute, but no way I'm going to pay 500 dollars. Maybe 50 ... so, I guess that I'll pass.
  12. like everyone said, not for the price. I wouldn't pay more than $50 for it. Maybe once they realize it's not selling well, it will be at the outlet for super cheap.
  13. Yeah, not so much