This Feisty one

  1. [​IMG]

    Okay - I am sooo resisting to talk about this bag - but can't hold it any longer.
    This might be a yay or nay to different people.. but - in the midst of all JC's bags suede-ness
    whoa - this bag is feisty! :boxing: .. And I like it!!! :nuts:
    Though: (1) it's pony hair (2) it's some $3k (3) it's not even out yet (4) baldness eventually (?)

    So there you go - I'm calmer now. :smile::angel:
    What do you guys think of this anyway??
  2. apparently its massive!! have u seen the jc website... there's a model modelling the saba.... and its big!
  3. hi abby!
    i actually have a "love:tup: then a "who do you think you are mick? you can't carry something like that and pull it off?!" :tdown:relationship with the whole animal print style.
    since there is a part of me that loves it,:love: and yet i'm not daring enough to use it :sad:and am not about to spend that much $$$$ and keep it to stare at it, i decided i will be getting this print in a wallet and key case:yes:....smaller doses, but i get to appease my wild side :graucho:( this makes me sound much more exciting than i am, i'm not, at all, wild that is....ha!):p
    i think they'll be a great little surprise in my bags!:girlsigh: i'll let you know when i get them.
  4. Yeah I saw, I could put my puppy in it, his food and drink and toys and he can stay there allll day longgg - with all that suede inside..ooohhh.
    But (snap) back to reality - just a thought. lol!
  5. I'm 100% with Mick! I LOVE the animal prints....on someone else. I just don't have the moxy to carry them off myself, but I am so jealous of those that can! :girlsigh:
  6. I know Mick! The cycle of self evaluation. ha! But it's.... (sigh).. :love: The "feisty" side of me is whispering (very consistently) that it will be pull-able. We'll see - maybe it's because I am still more elated than I think I am..

    Well yes, you make sure you share the "little doses" when they come in. I'm excited for you! :nuts:
  7. Stinker - it's so fierce right?? well then again I haven't seen this IRL. So anyone who will see it, please help me get back to my senses. :sweatdrop:
  8. WOW! This is a BIG bag!

  9. Does it only come in one size?^^
  10. Oh there's medium size jm!!! :nuts:
  11. You know, that bag is growing on me! I need to see it IRL, tho.
  12. I agree with you guys...I think it looks amazing on other people! I couldn't pull it off. Great bag though!
  13. Stinker could probably predict my answer, but I am a big fan of animal prints! I was one of those gullible gals who got the Dooney Zebra tote last year. I favor the feline and reptile animal prints more. I have some really cool leopard print shoes, and some pretty nice shirts/tops in animal. I think animal can be carried off a lot better than you think! And it never goes out of style. Right jmcadon? You just got the meow-worthy bag!
  14. I think it will definitely be a HOT bag and I do love the animal prints.

    I was always tempted to grab the Ramona in the Zebra pattern when it was 50% off, but it just seemed too much to spend on a bag (funny how we seem to shift our thought on the prices of bags when you've been a member for awhile) :push:

    I would have to say the size of this one looks to be larger than the XL Ramona :shocked:

    With the XL Ramona, I too could carry all 3 of my kitties (including "Fatboy" my 28-30 lb Siamese), their feed troughs, water dish and even their litter box inside............ (should I ever be so inclined)