This Bloggers Chanel, Balenciaga & Hermes - Are they authentic?

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  1. Hi,

    Been seeing this blogger who keeps posting photos of her "designer" bags... But they don't look so legit! I'm beginning to think they're fake. :| And it makes me sad how I have been following a fashion blogger who could be donning all these fake bags! :sad:
  2. Chanel?
  3. Balenciaga?
  4. Hermes?
  5. Hi, this is really hard to know if a blogger has authentic bags. I think the only one who knows is the blogger herself, if she walked in a Chanel store and bought the bag or if she got it from a shady website.

    For a full authentication a lot of closeup pics are needed, for the Chanel above more than 12 pics, see the second post here:

    Sorry not much help.
  6. Thanks a lot! I don't think I'll be following this blogger much anymore... :sad:
  7. Yes I think you are right in not following.

    I could change the title of your thread and see if we gets some more replys though.
  8. the chanel looks like a fake!
  9. Doubtful.
  10. Agree that Chanel looks fake.
  11. Chanel and Hermes and LV looks so fake. Bal looks pretty good, actually:smile:
  12. I have seen this bag many times in real and I think this one is fake. the zipper shouldnt look this way
  13. I think it is fake. look at the details:tdown:
  14. Hi and welcome, could you re-post here:

    (thread is in the Balenciaga forum, the experts are answering auth questions in that thread, add more info see first post)

    You could also see this thread for pics before posting

    Good luck.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.