Thinking of getting my 1st PT. Any chance the handles are longer then on the city?

  1. Just wondering. Thanks!
  2. yup Its definitely longer than the city... I can use the handles over my coat no probs... I definitely recommend the style... love it!
  3. yes, they are def longer than the city....i believe its an inch longer....

  4. SO happy to hear that. First thing tomorrow I'm ordering the PT in Violet. Thanks!
  5. ^^^Soooo jealous!!!! I want a PT too!!!! Violet is going to look just gorgeous in the PT!!!! :love::love::love:
  6. oh yay! another PT convert! remember to post pics when you get it!
  7. I love the PT, it is my favorite style. I have a tomato w/SGH and get a lot of use out of it!
    redptout.jpg redptout1.jpg
  8. Love the gh PT... its my favorite style as well... and it fits comfortably shoulders too!
  9. Can the PT be worn messenger style??? (I'm 5'10")
  10. i think if you find the strap of a flat messenger too short, then the PT worn across on you would be too short, too ;)

    the flat messenger's strap measures 78-90cm whereas the PT is 79cm long. you probably have to wear the entire bag curled infront on your chest, or curled around the side of your waist, or behind your back like a sword...
  11. Thanks for the info!!!:smile:
  12. ^^ i love, love, love my cinnamon PT w/RH!!! :heart:...the handles are much longer than the city & fit comfortably over my shoulders, even with a big coat...and it can be worn messenger style across my body too, which is cool :tup:
  13. ^^^gorgeous PT bama!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  14. ^^ awe, thanks sweetie!!! :love: