Thinking of exchanging my Tivoli PM, ideas?

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  1. #1 Apr 12, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2014
    I am going back to NM today and thinking of exchanging my Tivoli pm I just got in the mail 3 days ago. I thought I would love her, but I sat and stared for days and while it is a pretty bag it is just not striking to me.

    I was thinking to look at maybe one of these instead, would love thoughts if you own them. I really think I want a light bag for summer.

    Tivoli GM to get the shoulder option
    Marais mm emp line in Neige
    Artsy MM emp line in Neige
    Brea mm epi line in Ivory

    I just got a brea in vernis rose indien 2nd hand and I love love love this bag, I mean love it. I think this is why when I got the Tivoli pm it was anti-climatic

    If you own any of these bags I would love thoughts on them (problem or issues) before I take the plunge today. I really want something as gorge as the vernis brea, but to get a vernis in a lighter color I think is just going to set me up for heartbreak with color transfer
  2. I vote Tivoli GM? I also do love Marais and the Artsy...
  3. I think you would be really happy with the Artsy MM in Neige. It's a very striking handbag! I have it and I LVoe it!

    BTW I am also a HUGE Vernis Brea MM fan. I even have it in light colored Vernis. I just take every precaution to avoid color transfer. So far so good.

    I also baby my Neige Artsy. I carried it all last Summer and it still looks as good as the day I got it. You do have to watch bumping the corners at the bottom because they stick out a bit, but IMHO it's worth it!

    Good luck deciding! :smile:
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    I vote Tivoli GM. Is a lovely bag.
  5. I have the Tivoli GM and love it! Also have the empreinte Artsy but would probably pick a different color than neige, I'd be too nervous of color transfer. I have the vernis brea in RI so I love the brea style too! I have not seen the Marais in person but really don't like the style from the pictures.....since you already have a Brea, I'd try the empreinte artsy!
  6. ok, thanks for all the suggestions. I went to NM and ended up keeping my Tivoli pm and got a Pallas mono strap to hook onto it for the times I need to have a shoulder strap. It's on order now as they did not have one except one to pull off the Pallas to try it on

    My wonderful hubs thought the artsy was way too big for me and I also did not like how far up my armpit it was. That is one short shoulder strap, at least for me.

    The Tivoli GM he said overpowered my small 5'2 frame, but I did like it.

    The Marais I just did not like in person. No shoulder strap option and all those zippers seemed just too difficult to get in to.

    The epi line for the Brea was just not half as striking as the vernis and the vernis in a light color is just not a bag I want to worry about. I worry enough about scratching the darker one I have now. To think about color transfer, I would always be a baby with the bag.

    I am back and forth on getting the charm with the 2 balls in blush to throw on the Tivoli pm as it changes the look of the bag dramatically and dresses it up a lot, BUT $560 for 2 balls? Hubs says that is a lot of balls they have to charge that lol so we'll see.

    Now if LV ever makes the Montaigne MM Empreinte in Ivory I would def buy that as it is such a beautiful bag, but I just have no need for the colors they currently have. Hopefully at some point it comes out in Ivory.
  7. I vote Artsy MM
  8. Palermo?
  9. yeah I loved the Artsy shape it was just so up my armpit it would be unbearable to carry when I tried it today. I'm trying so hard to get back into LV after a long hiatus, but I am really picky in bag shapes lol

    I am going to start selling off my Balenciaga bags to buy more LV though
  10. ya know, I did not even try this bag today to be honest. I probably should have, but I figure the Tivoli pm will do with the pallas strap. I just HAVE to get a charm for the Tivoli, my gosh how much putting a charm on it changed the look of this bag
  11. I saw the Marais in store last weekend. Gorgeous, so I vote Marais.
  12. Tivoli GM! I have both Tivolis PM and GM. GM is much bigger but still very easy to carry because of the shoulder option. I really recommend.
  13. Perfect solution! I do love LV charms :tender: Enjoy your Tivoli PM!
  14. Can't wait to see the pm with a strap. I love the look of the tivoli GM but most I've seen preloved have wavy zippers..

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  15. I just ordered a Tivoli PM. I've wanted one for a couple years. Roomy yet petite and classy. Dressy yet can be casual. I'm not usually that into Mono or small bags, but this is a sweet bag. I think you will be happy you kept her.