Thinking of dying a white leather!

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  1. I know that a few gal's have had good luck with dying their leather Coach bags. I have my eye on one and it's a bag I've wanted for YEARS that is HTF and I don't want WHITE!

    I want to go with something dark/neutral but it's a legacy bag so I don;t want o get too far off from colors they have actually done legacy bags in! KWIM?

    Here's the link to the dye's I'm looking at. I plan on trying the dye on a white mini or something else small in a similiar leather before I ruin a perfectly good bag. If need be I could always "recycle" it via the bay or something if I think it'll ruin the bag!!!

    The colors I'm considering IN the order in which I like them. I hate to go black because I have soooooo man black bags, but I'm not ruling it out.

    #11~Borbeaux (thinking this would maybe be raisin 'like')
    #15~Dark Grey
    #18~Black...plain old black

    I know that if I make this commitment and DO dye the bag I'll never be able to re-sell her and if I WOULD I'd get a small fraction of what she'd be worth otherwise. I'm OK with that.

    Give me your input!!!
  2. I wouldn't do it, personally. I dyed a Botkier with Tarrago dye and hated the resulting leather texture - very plastic-y and pleather-like. It ruined the bag for me. Sad. Also, since the Tarrago is basically a paint that does not penetrate the leather, it will eventually peel and not wear well. With that really thick Legacy leather I don't think it would "take" all that well. If it is the Garcia leather probably less so, since it has still more of a finish to it. Just my 2 cents...

    Good luck with your decision!
  3. I would just wait for the one you really want, it will show up................eventually.
  4. As you said, try it on an old bag first (thrift shop?) and see if you like the results. Then go from there. But if you are picky about your bags, maybe just wait for the real thing to come along, and be ready to jump on it.
  5. Really appreciate the advive GP!!! I can see where the dye just "painting on" would be a huge issue. I was NOT aware that it didn't penetrate the leather. YUCKY!!! I've also been trying to find someplace that would dye it for me professionally?!

  6. what bag are you thinking of dying? i have had very good luck with fiebings leather dye. i used the black to richen up a legacy bag... i think the coach dye was dull and grey looking. i also did a lighter color to black. i did a walnut as well. u will need to get the sealer type stuff called resolene so the color wont rub off. in mu opinion it really didnt change the texture much. i love the result. to me as well as people who didnt know i dyed it couldnt tell. tarrago dye sucks... sorry to say but it doesnt penetrate the leather thats why it looks painted. hope this helps.
  7. also if the sealant is brown on it,and you go black,you will need to put a few coatings of the fiebings edge kote so it all looks as should. the dye process is a bit stressful but very fun and worth it in the end in my opinion.
  8. I think a big part of being a Coachie is waiting for the new bags to "grab" you. Or to find the PERFECT on on Ebay or another site or a tag sale for a kick-butt price. Patience is a virtue!!!!!!! (not one of MINE mind you, but this is what others tell me)
  9. I have had a bag dyed but it was professionally done and it was a Gucci bag... I took it to the Gucci store itself. Now the bag is vintage and so I did not pay to much for her so I was ok with whatever results and they were amazing as far as the dying but the bag did loss it softness and general feel..

    If you really want to do it go ahead but make sure it is first with something that you do not care to change, use it for a time and if you like that than do the bag..
  11. I am just about finished dyeing my purse, but I was wondering what purpose the edge kote provides?
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  13. ^ edge kote is the sealant for the edges. coach uses brown or black on alot,but also colors. not sure where to find colored edge kote. if you dye brown to black its best to go over the edges with it so it all matches. edge kote is made to give the ends of leather a"nice" look instad of unfinished. post pics of your bag! id love to see.
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    I agree that Fiebings Oil based dye gives the best results (absorbs more evenly when applied with sponge or spray can that can be purchased separately)...I sealed with Acrylic Resolene (Fiebings brand) and then to waterproof, I used plain ol' Mink oil (two coats)..

    btw, use the Resolene with a sponge (or wool dauber) and with a LIGHT HAND...don't apply too much and don't worry that it initially looks kinda blue when 1st applied...I dampened my bag by sponging it with watered sponge before I dyed and before I used the resolene (got that tip from a saddler shop here is Texas) and it makes ALL the difference in the world.

  15. Edge kote is basically really really really thick acrylic paint. You can buy super thick paint in tubes at Micheals or other places that sell art supplies. I have done it an it is tricky to get is nice and smooth. I have also used Sharpie permanant markers in a matching color, just to color the edges - not seal them.