Thinking about the mini Chiara in dark grey..

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  1. I just wrote to Ignacio that I want the mini chaira in dark grey w/ silver studs. I guess I'll have lionlaw's mini version. LOL I picked lilac fabric lining. I did ask for contrast white stitching... think that will look bad?
  2. All the grey colors Ignacio has now:
  3. Oh my, pretty. I think dark gray Chiarra would be gorgeous! The light stitching will make it more casual, imo, and show off the details more in the dark color.

    I'm thinking about one in bronze. (Not sure what dh will do about my bday, so my daydreaming is ALL over the leathers and
  4. Duranie that sounds gorgeous! I love the idea of the purple/grey combo. :yes:
  5. yay, I've been wanting a mini Chiara!! I can't wait to see yours! I think it sounds gorgeous in dark gray and lilac lining. I think the white stitching would look great on the dark gray. Ignacio could say for sure!
  6. Minichira in dark grey sounds fabulous! and lilac interior is so sweet! I prefer pop colours( red), but the lilac is pretty!
  7. If you are going for the same dark grey as my chiara-- I would stay away from the white contrast stiching. It is going to be REALLY stark. Check out the pics of mine with the grey thread and just make sure you will be ok with white.
  8. If you really want contrast stitching and decide yes for it, what about lilac to match the lilac suede?
  9. ooh. no cute, pretty!
  10. I was thinking the same thing. I think the dark gray will be pretty, but the white might be a very large contrast.
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    Call me silly- I was looking at Winnie for inspiration as nature always gets it right..
    but if it's going to look tacky...
    001.JPG winter08 007.JPG
  12. She's so pretty. What about a dove gray and dark gray?
  13. She's beautiful! I like the idea of a lighter gray thread for contrast too.
  14. The tinted chocolate chiaras seem to have light stitching in the style section...
    Ignacio said, "We have done black bags with white stitching in the past and they looked good, so I think that this dark grey with white stitching should look good as well."
    I'm also getting a cream suede lining.. costs extra but I think in the long run it is worth it.
    I'm also getting a wristlet in the same color and stitching to hang off the bag again w/ my work id and metrocard.
  15. So the stitching to match the cream lining? I like that.