Thinking about my first Hermes store visit - is it scary or intimidating?

  1. Hi everyone!

    While I'm YEARS away from actuallly purchasing an Hermes bag, I would like to invest in some Hermes accessories. I currently own two twilly scarves, both purchased at NM. There is an Hermes store near me in VA, and I'm thinking about going this weekend - my first store visit - to look at some jewelry and perhaps keychain (that thread about the animal keychains has me really intrigued)

    My question is this - do you guys find the stores scary or intimidating? I'm a bit worried. Also, has anyone here been to the store in VA (in Fairfax Square across from Tyson's Corner)? I'm wondering how the SAs are over there.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Yes!! I've been there....intimidating, NOT!!

    Let's see....ask for Keith....he's fabulous.....if he's not there ( could be his day off ) then surely whomever approaches you would be just great too.

    It's a lovely store, newly remodeled ( as you know) it's twice the size it was before.....sunny, bright.....there is a jewelry section that has some lovely 18K pieces and there's a Hermes bangle bracelet section too. Men's section....RTW....they had several Kelly bags on the shelves when I was there in the summer. And a nice selection of the other styles. I feel you will have fun!
  3. This is a great question. I am about to do the same (not to the same store) as I would like to see the purses to get a feel for what I would like to get eventually.

    At LV there are time where the SA have an attitude and it has always made me uneasy, sort of speaking
  4. PM me if you need a LV SA recommendation
  5. My advice to everyone going in for the first tme into any H store: please go in with a SA to ask for and a name to drop. It means a world of difference in the way they treat you. At least from what I've seen.
  6. Absolutely! The recommendations from members on this board have always made my trips into H a sheer delight.
  7. This is pathetic, what reason is there to be scared? It is a store, they are there to serve you; if they treat you badly for whatever reason then yell at them until they cry.
  8. I haven't been to those stores but the South Coast Plaza store is wonderful. They actually hired a couple of younger people which I think really makes the store less intimidating. I was talking one of the SAs there this morning and I mentioned tPF and he said he is noticing more customers mentioning it. He also said many times their customers know more than they do. He said there really wasn't any formal training either - all just on the job. Another interesting tidbit was he said they all share commission. Hmmm - not what I've heard before but.
  9. No reason to be sacred at all, but if you want excellent service, a recommendation helps (just as in all other walks of life). Yelling will result in NO BIRKIN OR KELLY FOR YOU!
  10. Thanks so much. I have resorted to Elux mostly but it depends on the area and the stores.
  11. no,no,no.....please don't yell at them until they cry. No use in going Rambo now is there? Keep in mind that you actually WANT something from them and behave accordingly. You get much further with honey than with salt.......or something like that........
  12. this really is a great question....i've found the SF store to be quite intimidating, actually, and haven't found a SA there that i love yet.

    so, let me ask this: if you go in for your first time, as suli is about to, can you just ask if they have birkins/kellys in stock and expect that they'll show them to you? i mean, i know i hear you all tell stories about some stores not being very forthcoming with their bags. if i were to go in and ask to see a kelly and a birkin, are they going to laugh me out, or show me a bag??


    ps...sorry to hijack your post, suli...but i thought you might want to know the answer to this one too! :smile:
  13. The Tysons store is wonderful.

    Of course, they are situated between a huge Tiffany's and large Gucci boutique, so beware!!

    Expensive things should never overwhelm you. Think about them rather like art - wonderful to admire and absolutely everyone is entitled to look!!

    And if you buy, well, all the nicer :yes:

  14. I do not find it pathetic at all. It is true there is no reason to be scare but some SA can make your visit non pleasant. Again I have no expirience with Hermes so I can't comment. But it has been the case at LV. For the time being, I am just here to learn and benefit from other vast knowledge.. :yes:
  15. Rose, you sound like the soup nazi................

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