Thinking about Kelly

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  1. I know I'm going to drive everyone nuts with my questions. But I am very close to buying a Kelly and I am wondering if it is better to buy a more structured Kelly or a softer one. Please share opinions and/or experiences.
  2. It's really a question of personal preference. I have both. I like a structured Kelly in 28 but not 32 (for me personally). A softer Kelly I could do in 28, 32 and 35. It also - again for me personally - depends very much on the leather/colour combination that the bag comes in.
    In using the bag though, there is neither pros or cons between rigide and souple Kellys. The rigide Kellys tend to keep their shape better over the years, the souple Kellys tend to 'relax' a bit, but that is often a desired effect.

  3. Thanks so much for your input. I am thinking of a 32 rouge garrance in togo. What do you think?
  4. ^^^ Sounds perfect!
  5. You should try putting your stuff in one if you can to see how easy it is to get in and out of. I've got both and while I love the stiffer look of rigide, I like the way it's easier for me to get in and out of the retourne. Good luck!
  6. ooooooooooooooo definately souple. I like big bags I cannot lie so the bigger they are the better! But I've seen souple togo in 35 in a bright color nonetheless and they look awesome!
  7. I have a 32 sellier Kelly in souple chevre. The leather itself is not stiff, but the bag is "formed". I found it EASIER to get in and our of than a retourne I was looking at at the same time - had to set the retourne down to open it. I must admit that I love the idea and look of a softer, retourne and I love the piping, but I don't regret getting the sellier.

    Do be aware that it can be a heavy bag when filled. That extra stiffening adds weight. I don't carry a lot in my bag - small leather envelope for receipts, small soft leather cosmetic case, small wallet, small card case, two pair of glasses (one in a no-weight microfiber case) and a small fabric tissue holder. Also, my iPhone. That's not much compared to what some tpf members carry! But after having carried a straw bag and an unlined leather bag all summer, I'm hating the weight.
  8. Both styles are beautiful! The structured Kelly "sellier" is very elegant but looks much more formal than the soft, "souple" Kelly. I love my big 35cm Kelly souple bags for everyday use; they are roomy and look both stylish yet relaxed. They loose their shape a bit over the years, but I love that slouchiness!
    My Kelly sellier makes me always feel very poised and well groomed.... It's funny how a bag can do that! It's not an easy bag to open and close, so I wouldn't take it with me for a shopping spree.... But it's such an iconic bag so it's unpracticality doesn't matter that much to me...! I hope that you'll find a lovely Kelly bag! :tup:
  9. Why stop at 1? :smile: The sellier Kelly looks more elegant and formal while the retourne looks more relaxed. Actually, if you find one and fall in love with it, it doesn't really matter whether it's sellier or retourne, both are beautiful.
  10. I think :yes::heart::tup:
  11. I think you've made a great choice! My life is pretty casual, so while I love the look of the rigide kelly, I know I wouldn't wear it as much as the souple.