Thinking about getting a NF

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  1. Hi LV fans! I'm thinking of getting the NF but I totally can't decide. I like to carry a big bag for everyday. Are the straps comfy even if the bag is pretty full?

    Kiara58 - that MOCA rocks girl!
    annette58 - the azur gm is fabulous too!

    I can't decide on the NF Monogram, Azur or Ebene:nuts: would love some imput.
    I have always had mono "stuff" and in fact I have the zippy organizer and a few other pieces that go in my bag in the mono. Does it matter if I get another, such as the azur or ebene but my inside items are mono?
  2. neverfull azur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););););)
  3. azur gm all the way!
  4. I am not a fan of the nF personally. i have heard the straps are not comfy, but if you love it--Get it!
  5. Not a lover of the NF, but I think it looks terrific in Damier Ebene.
  6. I have the GM in Damier Ebene, my first and only Damier piece, and while its amazing, I am going to go get it in Mono, so I will have two- I just dont think you can go wrong with any pattern- and then when it gets warm, I see myself getting the Azur to sport by the pool, lol, so you cant go wrong!!
  7. I like the Damier Ebene one!!
  8. I love to NF MM. I had to return my Damier Ebene one because of issues with the leather trim, but miss the bag so much that I am going to get a Mono MM.

  9. At first, I wasn't a fan of the NF either, but it grew on me, and I eventually got the Damier Ebene MM. I carry Mono accessories inside, as well as a Vernis ZCP. I don't mind if the items aren't from the same line. I think it works fine!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.