Thinking about getting a Anthony...?

  1. Hi, Im newish to mulberrry as im a Birkin girl normally but i have a herniated disc and am not carrying them at the moment (they weigh a ton ...!!!)...I would like to get a messenger bag my DH has a large mulberry one...what do you guys think of the large anthony? was thinking about the choc one as i wear alot of blk and brown...Please any comments welcome or pics....Come on enable me....!:yes:
  2. Oooo, definately get one!!! A lady called Jo on here has one and she loves it!!!
  3. Hi, I have the small Antony rather than the larger mesenger Antony- here's a modelling pi ( I'm 5'6'' - Uk size 12 - so you can get an idea of proportion)

    personally i'm not keen on the proportions/size of the larger Antony bag and it is A LOT bigger. i tried it on the other day and just felt it was too big for me. Also being a larger bag it's heavier and there would be the temptation to fill it. Given your health problems I'd be inclined to recommend the smaller Antony bag or if you want a larger messenger style go for one in a lighter leather- maybe the somerset satchel??? hope this helps!

    I love my Antony bag and the canvas strap being wide is very comfortable and easy to adjust.
  4. I too have a black Antony. There is a thread I started recently on how great the Antony is and what a surprise it was to me. I agree with Jo about the regular Antony. It is an amazing size, that fits quite a lot actually. The proportions are quite pleasing and you will look tres tres chic! I'm loving my Antony more than I ever thought I would. Let us know what you decide.
  5. :yes:Thanks for your imput....I am 5'9 so i think the smaller one will be too small?I am going to town tomorrow so i will let you know then...!!!
  6. They are quite different in size but being taller the larger may suit you. Just bear in mind the weight! i'd suggest filling it with your stuff and trying it on in the shop before buying!
  7. Modelling pics when you get it please!

    If Jo is 5'6" and the regular antony looks just right, I think I'll go get the same size not the larger antony...sometime next year, one at a time, one at a time...LOL
  8. :heart:Got my anthony messenger in choc today.....but when i got home i relised the store had left the secuirity tag on so a friend is taking it into town tomorrow to have it removed....think i will keep it till christmas....cant wait...!!!

  9. That happened with my bayswater. They posted it to me from the outlet and left the tag in. Was a 2hr round trip to take it back to the store!! So you went for the biggie then- please post modelling pics when you get a chance!
    congratulations on your new bag!!!:tup:
  10. This happened to me one time too and I was telling this story to a dept store SA here in my little town, how Mulberry is 3 hours from us and she said they can take the security tag off for me so long as I show them my receipt!

    I said I'll keep this in mind next time, not just for Mulberry purchases. (so long as they have the type of security tool but most of these stores have pretty much the same gadget.)
  11. :hysteric:The shop i bought it from has its own tags...