Thinking about empreinte speedy, any cons?

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  1. I have been obsessed with the empreinte speedy 25, thinking maybe do it now otherwise I'm not going to buy it if the price increase is 10%. Any cons, like too heavy, doesn't maintain its shape, bulky, anything?? I'm leaning toward maybe celesete.
  2. for me just the perfect bag!!' no cons IMO!!! lol
  3. Can you also get a crossbody strap? That's the only con I can come up with for a Speedy but I know that problem solves itself if you go for a Speedy B 👍
  4. The Emp Speedy is an excellent bag, my favorite. I honestly don't have one negative. I have seen some for sell on resell sites with scuffed corners and that worries me but I haven't had any issues and the bag/leather seems durable.

    Pros-you can wear it in any weather, looks great dressed up or down, the leather feels amazing and the imprinted monogram is gorgeous, the zipper runs around the top corners allowing for wide opening, even though it's a 25-it holds a lot and even though it's leather, it's not that heavy. It's not bulky at all, even when worn crossbody. I felt like the 30 didn't hold it's shape well if it wasn't full but I haven't had that problem with the 25. It's just an all around great bag, I love it.
  5. I love the Empreinte Speedy -- I don't have a 25 (I have 2 30's) but there are no cons for me -- it's all positive!!
  6. I've only had mine for a few weeks so I can't attest to anything about the bag losing shape. I have been a Louis lover for a little over a year now, only canvas bags until this one. I was surprised how heavy it is, but probably because I hadn't carried a full leather bag for some time. When I purchased it I was in Vegas so all day every day I carried the purse and was on my feet more than usual and it started to feel weighty. But now that I'm home and carry it a "normal" amount like, a few minutes here and there while running errands or maybe up to an hour or something at the grocery store, it feels totally fine and I love it so much. I never heard complaints about this one begin heavy, mainly the lumi and the artsy in the empriente line. I highly recommend this bag! Definitely one to own in my opinion! Good luck with your decision, Celeste is such an amazing color :smile:
  7. thanks everyone, I didn't know it could get heavy after a while though. My back hurts sometimes and I really need to stick with the light bags, that's why I hardly carry anything in my bags.
  8. The ONLY con is the price.
  9. It's definitely heavier than the canvas, but not too heavy. I would not recommend shopping all day long with this one if you tend to have a sore back.
  10. If you need light weight bags stick with the canvas!!! This bag gets heavy !! I tried it on in the store with my things inside and said " no way". Esp. if your back hurts. gl
  11. No cons! Love it. Been using it almost continuously since oct, no loss of shape but moulded to my body, not so rigid. I likey. Highly reccomended. Don't find it heavy, and I'm normally a small bag person:smile:

  12. thats true.....😁
  13. the only con I see is the price :smile:
  14. I agree the price is a con. I will be getting mine today and I got the 25 as it will ve a weekend bag. Of the bag is too heavy, I will just reduce the amount of items I care and adjust accordingly 5o make it work. Too beautiful of a bag to return. Lol!
  15. I am also considering this bag at the moment. Any more opinions would greatly help.