Thinking about a Shirley...

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  1. Does anyone have a picture of how much they can fit inside? :smile: I'm also thinking about the matching wallet (Koala, I think?) since I currently use one of the big wallets that definitely wouldn't fit in the Shirley. Most of my bags are on the medium/large side, but I think I'm ready to take the plunge and try a smaller bag (and thus not carry so much junk around in my bag!) Any photos appreciated...
  2. The Shirley is really small, I don't think a Koala would fit. You might try a Ludlow, but even that might be iffy. A Cles for sure would fit though.
  3. I love the shirley you should get it
  4. I don't have a Shirley but if I could have one I would. It is a beautiful bag! Get it!!!! LOL
  5. I looove the Shirley... it's really small though.

    I know of a fellow TPF'er that used hers for her wedding day: Michelle1025. ;)
  6. i think the shirley is adorable.. but it's too small for me. i can't justify spending $800+ on a bag that doesn't carry all my necessities and that i wouldn't be able to use more often.
  7. Ok, you guys are convincing me a Shirley might be a little drastic... (my normal bag is pretty huge...)

    (Tulum GM).

    Grrr, the Shirley is so cute... maybe.... hm, the multicolore petite noe instead? I need to move slowly into this realm of not-so-huge bags, I think...
  8. Tulum GM is great!

    The MC Petit Noe is also a great choice.

    Have you considered a Popincourt Haut or a Batignolles Vertical?
  9. i have a white Shirley and i love it, but it's not very practical. i only use it as an evening bag/clutch. i posted these pictures in another thread, but i'm too lazy to look for that thread:


  10. Love the bag:love:
  11. i think it is cute, but for the price i rather get something a tad bigger....
  12. I like the shirly but i would go with the eliza.
  13. I can't believe you can fit all this in a Shirley!!!
  14. i really like it - you should get it
  15. it takes a bit of coaxing, but if you arrange it all properly everything fits :lol: