Thinking about a Lady Dior soft tote...anyone have one?

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  1. I'd love to know how you like it, because this is a big chunk of change for me to come up with! Thanks for your help!
  2. I don't own one, but did seriously consider purchasing it about a month ago...I was just a little concerned about the softness of it and the thought of the leather softening more over time and the bag being slouchy. I do happen to adore my Lady Dior bag however. Its quite structured which I feel is a large part of its charm. That regular Lady Dior line also has a large tote that seems to be a bit more structured than the soft one...But I'm not sure what you are looking for as far as shape, etc. I hope I'm thinking of the right bag and didn't confuse you more! :confused1: Maybe one of the "experts" can help...their Dior knowledge is awesome! :yes:
  3. Thanks for your feedback. I love the structured boxy Miss Dior and the larger tote, but in addition to the higher price tags on those, I'm actually looking for more of a casual but chic bag to wear with jeans. I've got a quilted Chanel caviar that fits the bill well with dresses, but looks a little too "mature" with jeans, LOL! I will take heed about the slouchiness factor and empty the stuffing from the bag when I buy to see what it does.
  4. saw the black soft totes at the dior boutique yesterday, it was nicer in real life than in the pictures, but i'm not sold on the soft tote just yet. i'm just a sucker for structured bags so my opinion about the soft tote is pretty biased. but if looking at the pictures is already making you feel some love for the bag, i reckon that you should go for it since it does look better in real life (coming from a person who doesn't like the soft tote).