Think about my elusive evening bag...

  1. I've been focused on finding a black HAC28 or birkin 30 in chevre or box for night time dress up. You all know I'm a birkin gal but my current birkins/hacs don't translate well to the very rare occasion that I get a little fancy.
    All the sudden I'm thinking maybe I've been off focus...perhaps I should be looking for a Kelly 28 in black box or chevre/gh...
    What do you think?
    I had a Kelly but it was a 35 and I tried to use it as an everday bag. It didn't work for me because I like to keep my everday bag open and even though it was a 35, it felt too formal and not me for everyday.
    Your advice is much appreciated!
  2. Thanks to ilovemylife, I am dreaming about a Kelly longue for next year (love hers in red!!!). Maybe that's an option for you too?
  3. pm constance in black (croc -lizard-box etc)
    25 or 28 kelly
    pm white bus in black box (i have a friend with one and its a fab dress bag)
    27 bolide in black
  4. I have yet to see a 28 HAC in black box. I would go for a mini Constance in black box if you don't want to go for Lizard, which if you can find it was $6900., last I heard retail (minus tax). Also a Kelly Pouchette in box is nice. I don't think the White Bus is in the same evening wear category although I own one in Ostrich, more of a casual to me even in box leather. I have a few Kellys and am much, much older then you. I don't like it on a younger woman unless in a tri-color or a mini size. I do own one in black croc in a 32 cm and it seems like I never wear it. I gave my daughter-in-law a 28cm fucshia ostrich Kelly because I felt like an old fool after buying it. It's great on her.
    When I started collecting Hermes, I was fortunate to be offered some never worn pieces such as a Falco ostrich clutch from an estate of a collector. I just checked yesterday to see what I had, it's been so long since I took inventory. I was looking up the names of some last night. One I couldn't find. I can't do pictures but next time my computer programmer is here will ask him to. I have a nameless ostrich in olive green, small rectangle with a flap (magnet) and shoulder strap. I wonder if anyone would know the name of this vintage bag.
  5. I was having the same issues...however I realized that I am like you...the RARE occasion I get I decided I might not need something H....and am not going to invest money in an H evening bag....because I will rarely use it....

    buy something that will work for less and use the money I will save to buy something from H I will use more.
  6. I think the evening bag should be small size. Kelly 25, or jpg kelly pochette? In my poinion, kelly 28 is good for cocktail party as well. :smile:
  7. Saw a couple of very intriguing possibilities today...

    25 cm raisin lizard birkin...STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!

    Jige clutch in croc...sweet...

    Rouge H or chamonix...nice! sweet little Kelly...perhaps black or graphite??? Clemence for dress casual...
    Graphite1.jpg Graphite2.jpg
  8. I love the plume elan (?) in croc that Ilovemylife has. What a cool little bag.
  9. rc- i totally think of you as a medor clutch kind of girl. have you thought about that? i just can't see you with a kelly. a clutch yes. a constance, maybe. in something like croc. but a kelly, not so much.
  10. Oooh...thought of another possibility...was in Western Alaska store last weekend...a very interesting clutch on, but more low-key than medor...have to ask HG for name...

    It was black box...probably about 2" deep (bottom gusset)...closure was a like a nail or "heel" though a leather closure...very subtle...but fun...
  11. Thanks all for the advice. I'll check out as much as I can find at my visit to H this week.
  12. ITA!:yes: and let's not forget the fabu longue!

  13. The "nail" part sounds like Maharani. If that's right it is a gorgeous bag SCL :tup:

    I think medor for you too RC and/or a 25 Kelly maybe in lizard for evening.
  14. Even for evening, I carry a cell phone, small wallet and lipstick so some of the more narrow bags might now work. This is so hard without having lots of bags around to choose from and try. I hope some of these are in my store so I can take a peek!
  15. I think you would look great with KP, KL, Medor Pochette, or Kelly28cminBox!!:supacool::yes: