Things to do in Oslo?

  1. So I'm going to Oslo in May with the boy to visit his friends. I'm sure most of the time we're going to hang out with them, but I'd like to plan to do something fun/interesting while I'm there. Any TPFers live in Oslo or know the area?

    Any good shopping? Clubs?
  2. Hmmm, may I ask when in May you're going? The 17th of May is the national day and is quite interesting for foreigners.
    The shopping in Oslo aren't that great, we've gotten an LV, but apart from that we have mostly H&M and such, however we have some other designer stores, but as far as I've understood, the prices and selection there compared to many other countries aren't that good.
    Personally I love going down to Aker Brygge in the summertime and have some ice and just hang around and "chill", and I guess holmenkollen, the munch museum, the national gallery (it's free :biggrin:), the kon tiki museum, the nobel price museum (I think it's called) and frognerparken are quite interesting for foreigners.
    Anyways, I know there are oslo people here, so maybe they can go deeper and suggest more than I can.
    Enjoy Oslo :yahoo:
  3. Hi there, I practically live in Oslo and will try to answer any questions.

    Shopping in Oslo isen't really exciting at all, the main shopping areas are Bogstadveien, the area around the main street of Carl Johan (in which you can fin LV), Aker Brygge and Grünerløkka. There are only a very few stores carrying high end brands, but you can get it taxed off there. Most of these stores are situated in Bogstadveien (veien /gate means street) and Hegdehaugsveien. However these streets are busy and crowded both by cars and people! Especially saturdays are bad! And don't really expect good customer service in general, allthough there are exceptions (like COME AS YOU ARE and Vòga).

    Clubbing in Norway isen't that exciting either, especially sbecause everything closes at 3 am, and people don't really start going out before 11 12 pm. Then there are endless taxi queues and a lot of drunken people in the streets. However there are some good clubs depending on the music you like of course. I'd just recommend walking around in the busiest streets to see if anything fits you, just stay away from the lower parts of Carl Johan, as there are a lot of fishy people around that area.

    Like sweetlove mentioned, in nice sunny weather aker brygge is lovely. It's very touristy though, (maybe not in may), so don't expect to get an exciting or interesting meal at a reasonable price there. (It's not that expensive, it's just not that interesting for that price).

    The best restaurants in general in Oslo have a lot of famous chefs working for them, some who even won the bocuse d'or and other world renowned prices. Bagatelle, Stattholdergården and Le Canard won't disappoint. For a more modern and unconventional take of food try ORO.
  4. I went to Norway last Summer!

    IIRC, we were in Oslo the day of a Gay Parade... so that kept us busy!

    Have fun!
  5. Ooooh, I forgot to add. The chocolate store in Grand Hotel is awesomme! I usually go there every time I'm in Oslo to buy some chocolate that I can eat while walking down Carl Johan.
    It's not the biggest and the best city in the world, but I still love it:love:
  6. Yes, we're going to be there for the big holiday in May, at least that is the plan. That's actually why we're going in May and not next month or something.

    I will def. go to that chocolate store :heart: and Bagatelle looks really amazing.

    Thanks so much.
  7. I don't think I'll have that much to add, seems like most places have been mentioned, but I did grow up in Oslo and although I've lived abroad for the best part of 18 years, I know it hasn't changed that much, I was home last year.
    There are quite a few little boutiques around Bygdøy Allé, where I always used to find things and if you have time, you might want to go up and have a look at the view from the ski jump (Holmenkollen). You know, we could see it from our house, but I had never been up there until a few years ago, when I did the tourist thing with my kids...guess you have to go away to appreciate your own town!, the view is pretty good. I'm going to London in July and will probably pop over to see friends and family. Anyway, have fun and enjoy the long summer evenings!:smile: