things to do in orlando?

  1. DH and i are planning a short notice trip to orlando for may. we'll be staying at a resort in either orlando or kissamee. we plan on doing universal studios for sure, and maybe disney but we're wondering if there's anything else we should definitely see, theme park or otherwise. we like art and science museums, but not so much clubbing and DH hates spending money on fancy food. since it's short notice, there's unfortunately no extra budget for shopping (although one of the potential resorts is right next to the premium outlets :whistle:) we're also hoping to not rent a car and use mostly taxis and shuttles, if that makes a difference.

  2. My only thought initially is that Orlando isn't a very practical place in which to try to rely on cabs. I just don't think they are aroudn like they are in big metropolitan cities. The resorts are all really spread out from one another, too, so even if you manage to get a cab, it might be quite expensive.

    Other than going outlet shopping and to theme, parks, I can't think of much else to do in Orlando besides maybe see an broadway touring show or something. There's a pretty cool alligator farm in St. Augustine, but it would be a bit of a drive (maybe an hour and a half).
  3. discovery cove

    it's beautiful & a lovely day out heres the website Discovery Cove
  4. that's exactly what i was going to say. its kinda expensive for a day about 200 with a dolphin excursion. you could go without it and i think its like 150. if you like snorkeling, then you'll love this place. i wish i could go back!
  5. WOW. this looks really fun....i wonder if i can sell my husband on it...hrm... :smile:

    and thanks for the heads up about the taxis Litigatrix.
  6. I would go to Downtown Disney-lots of fun shops (even if it is just to window shop). Also, I don't rec cabs, it would probably be cheaper just to rent a car. you could consider going to sea world and drive about 45 miu=nutes to busch gardens in tampa. We go to Orlando every year(some times twice). If you have any questions- feel free to pm me!
  7. Yeah, Downtown Disney or Universal City Walk. Also, look into Islands of Adventure. It's more of a thrill ride park as opposed to Disney which is more theme oriented.
    Also, you should be fine with staying on International drive, it's like 2 minutes from Universal and about 10-15 from Disney.
    For food, I'd recommend Giordano's at Lake Buena Vista (on the way to Downtown disney). They have a stuffed pizza that's like sex. The dough is almost pastry like and it's stuffed full of cheese. So so good! Also, on International Dr is Cafe Tu Tu Tango. If you go on a Thurs-Sat night it will be rather packed, but very lively and fun. There are artists painting, drawing or sculpting right in front of you, so it's pretty cool. Everything is appetizer/tapas size, so you'll usually order 4-6 items between the two of you, but its fun as it gives you a chance to sample lots of stuff. If you like ethnic food(Thai/Vietnamese) then Colonial Dr/50 is the place. It's about 15-20 minutes from the Disney/Universal area, but it's real ethnic stuff, and very good. It's right of the interstate...east of I4 mostly.
    Hmmm...I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head.
  8. I so love Orlando, you really do not need a car or cabs as nearly all the hotels do shuttle bus to the attractions also (depending where you stay) also do them to the shopping. I love Epcot brilliant place and good places to eat as well also MGM and as others have mention Downtown Disney, really good different shops.
  9. Discovery Cove - so worth it! It's beautiful.
  10. I lived in the Orlando area for 3.5 years, and loved it :nuts: It's pretty easy to get around the theme park/attraction areas without a car, since like someone mentioned there are shuttles and buses in that area that will take you to the different attractions. Downtown Disney is great at night, as is Universal CityWalk.

    If you end up getting a car, I highly suggest going to downtown Winter Park. It's beautiful - lots of small shops and boutiques (lots of vintage!), outdoor restaurants, art, etc. The area close to Rollins College is great. It would be expensive to get there by cab, because it's northeast of the theme park district. Still, if you end up getting a car, it would be a great place to spend the afternoon. The Orlando Science Center (Orlando Science Center) and other museums are very close to that area, too.