Thick/Thin Belt?

  1. I have tried to wear belts under the bust or even just a belt in general ever since it became the trend...I have a large bust and any cute dresses that are loose I can't wear because I look pregnant...unfortunately I have the hope of wearing it and not looking pregnant so I buy them anyway. I think a thick belt looks silly on me and only accentuates my bust more. Do you think a thin belt might work better..balance out the proportions. I have a small waist and hips but was unluckily blessed a little too large on top... Need help!!
  2. Belts just don't work for me, period. With a large chest, I can't imagine a thin belt working better. It seems like you need something thicker to keep everything in proportion. All you can do is try. Trust your eye. If the big one doesn't work, try a thinner one. Can you post pics of both for us? Maybe you're just not used to a belted look? If your waist is small, I think that it's totally possible to find one that works. I'm more straight up and down, unfortunately, so I don't have much to accentuate.
  3. Have you tried something like a black dress with a wide belt? I think if you did something dark on top, maybe the focus would be more on your belt/waist :shrugs: