They're here!! Navy and purple 227's! :D

  1. Hi ladies,

    After a long, agonizing wait, my navy and purple 227's have finally arrived! I posted a ton of pics. The navy is even more beautiful than I remember.

    A special thanks to Mon. :heart:

    Click on the pics to enlarge, I went a little crazy with the pics :p





  2. spring6.jpg




  3. the navy is really pretty, congrats!
  4. yum! both are so gorgeous!! i think i'm in trouble now, i've been trying to tell myself i didn't need the navy b/c i've bought the purple. yikes.

    enjoy your new beauties!
  5. that navy is gorgeous! and look super on you! Congrats!!!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. I love the navy!!Such a beautiful tone..!
  8. OMG they are sooo gorgeous!! Congratulations!! I love both so much and glad to see side by side pics. Would you say they hardware is really shiney this season or is it just photographing that way bc all the bags seem to have this really shiney great hardware
  9. ^ The hardwares are really shiny.
  10. So incredibly gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  11. You're right Jenn.... :wtf: :nuts::drool::love: in that order. ;) Now this... :girlsigh: congrats girl!
  12. O M G :hysteric:they are gorgeous ... now i don't know if i like the purple or navy better eek!
  13. Congratulations!I love them both!:drool:
  14. Gorgeous :drool: Congrats on both!
  15. oh my!!! Congrats on two beauties.