THEY'RE HERE!! Finally- Natural City, Day & Firsts @ BNY. :)

  1. About time!!:yes: :yahoo:
  2. Any Twiggys???:graucho:
  3. Thanks, Powder. I just put myself on the list this week for a Naturel why hasn't Kim called me already????? I swear, they're so slow! LOL

    Actually, I feel bad for them. They must be fielding dozens of calls a day about the new shipments...
  4. My Mom called there about something else, and apparently the boxes weren't even opened, Daphne told her they just opened Days and Firsts. While she was on the phone she found the natural City bag boxes and opend one of them. So anyone that's on the list, give them a call.
  5. they are here in bkk too!!! and those in giant hardware too...i'm happy :smile:
  6. 2 days ago i returened my giant brief in vert d'eau and i've changed it with a Natural Brief GH...i've seen a a Natural city, i really don't like it with regular is so boring....
  7. ...good news I'm looking forward to seing pics. It will not hit the stores down here before february due to the sales in january.
  8. Nooooooo.... I want a natural City but I'm on a purse ban until March 07!!! :crybaby:
  9. Thank you, Priscilla! :flowers:
    You make me wanna see them now!!! :drool:
    Do you buy some? :graucho:
  10. Really? I like them. No different than white, greige, calcaire, pale pink, etc. with regular. Plus I like the tassels. Tons of bags have huge gold hardware, I guess I like subtle over BLING******.