they have smooth black siennas at the ss!!!!

  1. Enough said!
  2. oh my goodness! do you know how much they are?
  3. Oh Geez! I hate to ask, but how much?
  4. $$275

    I'm picking up a paige for me and an annie for my mom :smile: no new stuff tho
  5. hmmm ... smooth, black siennas. :love:
  6. What's the ss?

    ^Oops, realized you meant sample sale. Duh! Too bad I don't live anywhere close...:sad:
  7. OK FULL REPORT OF WHAT WAS AVAIL. AND PRICING IN MY POST "its 12:20 and the SS started 2 hrs ago has anyone gone!" :smile:
  8. OMG Black siennas for $275?! I WANT ONE!! :crybaby:

    Why can't they have a sample sale in south florida?
  9. ME TOO and if you tell me they had Siennas and/or Paiges in Bourbon, I will DIE! :drool:
  10. My sentiments exactly! I'm in Sarasota...far, far, too far from any sample sales. Dang it!
  11. 275!!!!
    I would have one sooo fast if I lived anywhere close. But a 7 hour drive just isn't feasable:crybaby:
  12. aw man i wish i knew so many ppl didnt have theM!!! i thought ppl had been snatching them up on eBay i would have tried to pick a few up!

    well if i make it back there and they still have them i can try and pick up a few and ppl can paypal me,,,,,

    cause my CC will fall over and DIE if they arent wanted haha and then im stuck with them!

    but i would check out eBay see if any pop up from the SS @ good prices, i mean no one will sell them @ the $275 cause with tax that was prob like $298 so youll prob see them on eBay for $350 r something

    but there is a SIGN put on each bag from the SS and so if it says it has the sign ;) hehe (pm me for what it is i dont want scammers to learn it from here if they come across this thread)

    but if it says it has that and looks authentic then it prob is and from the SS :smile:

    so yea!
  13. so....what are the chances of you going back there? :devil:

    I know you didn't even know if you would make it there in the first place :smile:
  14. well with a little incentive i may be more likely to go back

    i like Audi's , diamonds, Trips to italy
    haha!! :smile:

    j/k unless you want to get me any of the above in which case i am 1000)% serious bring it on! :smile:

    But yea i mean i could go on friday, i have a midterm fri morning so from now till then i have to focus but friday afternoon i could go back and see if there are any,,,,

    i know its late so its not as good as if i could get there sooner but i shouldnt go again till friday,,,,

    i guess i could,,,,
  15. ^Please, no tempting. I am supposed to be on a BAN!!! I thought I saw a black Annie in the picture in your other thread though... must... resist... black... Annie...