They credited my gucci, WHAT NOW? by, me

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  1. PREPAREEEEEE for a novel!

    :heart: Chapter 1 :heart:

    Sooooo some of you know that i have the horsebit chain hobo and i sent it in for repair because a few threads were baring from CONSTANT use (and it was dirty as HELL because i am the worst handbag mother on earth, yes she was even placed on the grounddddddd hehe)

    Ive had her for about a year and a half and i absolulty love the style so i asked them to repair it for me!

    :heart: Chapter 2 :heart:

    Three weeks pass and my bf calls to check up on it for me and the manager is like im sorry we couldnt repair it for u but come on in and we will give you a credit! YES A CREDIT!!! :yahoo: i didnt even know they did THAT!! I thought they would just give back the bag to me as is!! hehe i really think its because i have the best SA and manager in the world!! hehe its funny i call the store my "cheers" because when i go in EVERYONE knows my name hehe :smile: and it feels like home!! i love them oh so much!!!

    :heart: Chapter 3 :heart:

    But ok here is my dilemma (first i cant spell that word) and second, WHAT BAG SHOULD I GET NOW!!! hehe i dont mind putting in a few hundred...but what should i get?

    I just got a new LV a 23 and in law school...I have 2 smaller guccis (a black and brown) a larger black gucci and a pink suade one....I have a versace black purse...about 27 coach purses (im ADDICTED to the color of them!! crazy funky colors and i LOVE it), a few katespades, juicy coutures etc etc

    I have a coach messanger bag, but now that i think about it, it looks kind of funny taking my gucci planner, wallet etc etc out of a coach maybe something to replace that? But its sad because i only got the bag like a week and a half ago! haha!!

    :heart: CONCLUSION.... :heart:

    WHAT SHOULD I DO!!! helppppppp! I can always get the same bag again, but im scared the same thing will happen and i personally dont want the guccisma yet (i figure its a more sophisticated look that ill get when im in my 30s..right now i wanna be FLAAAAAAASHY haha)

    help help help!
  2. #1. that's friggin cool of them to credit you.
    #2. everyone on this forum knows i'm in love with the pelham either size:

    but i also like the abbey lingotto as a good everyday bag:

    but if you want a bag to put all your books in what about something like this:

    yummy! let us know what you pick and post pics!! :woohoo:
  3. I was also thinking of the pelham. But, I'm still partial to your original bag. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. awww thanks for ur suggestions guys! BUT what do u guys think of me getting a tote for class? they are pretty cheap (600ish) and then ummm what else to get...what do u think?
  5. Good for you.
  6. How much is your credit for?
  7. oh you mean like this one:

    then you could have money for..... shoes! i dunno. seems like you have a wallet and planner already. key holder? wristlet? wow you have so many options! *jealous* :Push:

    if you get the one kwissy pointed out, maybe it will go on sale since its in the cruise section!
  8. you lucky bum!! ^as someone has much did they credit you for?

    i definitely say the medium pelham -- so versatile and comfy
  9. U know what, i forgot to ask! opps haha :smile: but the gucci website says the bag sells for 830...for some reason i could have sworn i paid 900 but whatever 830 is 830!!

    I love ur guys very pretty!!! i have two purses and a wallet with the D link detail so i kinda want to stay awy from that (HOW picky am i? haha sorry!)

    Im not a HUGE purse changer sooooo i was thinking of this bag:

    I have the LV noe for every day use (bassically what i used the chain for...bottle of water, wallet keys etc etc) and i really wont have anywhere to go for the next three years because school would take of most of my time so i figured my BEST bet was the above bag...what do u think?

    this way i can use the front pockets for my planner, phone keys and pencil holder and the pocket looks large enough to fit my charge case too

    the bag should be able to fit my lap top (sony vaio SZ like 12 inches and an inch and half i think thick) and a few books

    ORRRR should i not even worry about school? i dont know!!!!! help!! hehe what should i do :sad:

    and thanks again u guys im sooooooooo stoked they did this for me without me having to ask!!!

  10. but another fear of mine is losing out on the chain...i loved that thing its so damn cute!! always got millions of complements butttttt should i just say forget it...i mean i really just did get the LV noe like last week!! haha so im not sure how much i would use another bag sha know??
  11. THis is such a cute bag

  12. How about wait and see what is on sale and that way you can get more bang for your buck
  13. i love the chain bag so much that i would get another chain bag. sounds as if that's what you really want to do. this bag is such a classic i have 2 in the medium size and 1 large.
  14. Also they have some really nice new designs coming out in a few weeks. I would wait and see if you fall in love with something new.