They came!

  1. :yahoo:

    lol, my couch LOOKS dirty but it's microfiber...felt I had to say that:shame:

    Anyway, I'm happy:heart:
  2. lovely, congrats!!
  3. I am excited for you. Both are gorgeous. I am happy just looking at them.
  4. Awesome!!! Is that the Christie from Let-Trade? Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats! They're both great bags and your couch doesn't look all that bad either.
  6. Very nice choices! Congrats!
  7. Congrats - love the Yellow Vernis, its an eye-popping colour.
  8. congrats, great choices!!!
  9. yeah! congrats, they look Perfect together.
  10. yupp it likey:graucho:
  11. Beautiful! Thanks for the pics!
  12. congrats! that was fast too!
  13. Oh I love the Luco! I want one now!! Congrats =)
  14. wow, nice! congrats
  15. I love Luco...and that yellow is simply divine. Enjoy your new additions!!!!