They are here & I love them all-flat brass, rose and caramel

  1. They all arrived, the flat brass Friday and the rose yesterday. My Mom got 05 caramel but she doesn't like a spot on the back and the corners are sort of dirty! :lol: and you thought I was picky.
    I adore the flat brass and her offer was trade me that for the caramel. Uh no Mom, don't think so. :P So i bought the caramel from her and may have it sent to artbag for a repair but it's really not that bad.
    The flat brass is very hard to photograph with flash, the dye they used makes it want to photograph bronzy. It was cloudy yesterday and I was gone all day today, do I didn't get a chance to take pics in the sun. I did take a few and will take some in natural light this week.
    The rose and caramel are so smooshy. The caramel is softer than the rose but the rose is thicker and a little smooshier. The flat brass is not snooshy at all and light as a feather. I am glad it is just the way it is. She is perfect and like new. My friends all want her and they are not getting her. This one will never leave me.
    I will post a few pics here and some of me wearing them in the photo section. Cropping my face because they all have red eye and I look possessed. However, one of them I will leave because the red eye matches the rose bag.:lol:
  2. Darn pictures didn't load. Needed to resize. Ok here they are: Rose
    pic002.jpg pic006.jpg pic023.jpg pic005.jpg
  3. congrats on the rose!
    i can't wait to see the pix of the fbf!!!
  4. 05 Caramel:
    pic007.jpg pic016.jpg pic041.jpg
  5. 02 flat brass:
    pic026.jpg pic027.jpg
  6. wow, 'puff,:wtf: I need more tweeeeeeeggies! Your rose is GORGEOUS!!!! and your caramel looks so soft :drool: :drool: I love them, love them, love them!!!!
  7. FBF WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! Gawwwwwwwd that looks stunning!!!!! :wtf:
  8. Ok girls, I need your opinion on the caramel. Artbag for repair or live with it?
  9. maybe just condition it and see how it feels before sending it off would be best. see if the apple lotion cleans it up enough. if not- then send it to LMB or artbag :flowers: good luck!

    GAAAAAAGEOUS bags btw! Love that rose twiggy so much! :heart:
  10. Thanks deco and Jennifer. I am thrilled with all 3 of these bags, even if the caramel has some booboos. The leather on it is so thick and smooshy. :heart:Thanks Mocean. I love the bag so much, I think it is worth it. I did try to clean it, removed a lot of dirt. This bag was realy dirty. I think the previous owner may have tried to clean that spot and removed some of the camel dye making it paler. But it is pale in some other spots too so I can't really tell if that is just the nature of the bag. Other 05 camel owners, how does this compare to yours?
  11. WOW!! I love the color and leather on the rose and caramel. And your black flat brass classique is TDF (I love the longer strap on it). As far as your question on sending the caramel to Artbags, I'm pretty picky and so I would send it if you can't clean it up yourself. It would come back even more gorgeous than it is already. Anyhow, congratulations on your 3 beauties!
  12. They are all soo nice!! :drool: I'm glad you finally got a rose. That bag is so pretty! The caramel looks fine to me. The spot really isn't too noticeable. Have you tried cleaning it, maybe with Apple Garde? If it bothers you though, and you don't mind waiting, I would send it for repair...
  13. Wow so gorgeous! in love with the rose and fbf especially!
  14. wow they all look great! the rose is so pretty. flat brass is so rocker.
  15. Wow they are all gorgeous! I love the flat brass of looks fantastic on you! Congrats!!!