They are finally here...

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm so excited! I won't be taking them out until the weekend so I'll share my joy with you all instead :biggrin:

    The last time I bought from the vernis range, the color was bronze. It has been that many years ago.

    Here they are no surprises...
  2. Those are pretty! The color is lovely.
  3. WOW!:smile:
  4. So beautiful. Which color is this?
  5. Congrats!!

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  6. The color is rouge fauviste.
  7. congrats on both -- love this color!!
  8. Speedybag1 - Wow! So beautiful. Congrats!

    It's like the Monogram Monceau reborn in glorious color.
  9. I thought so. It looks so pretty!
  10. pretty! congrats!
  11. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous, congrats!
  13. Amazing ! Wow congrats they look beautiful together , a Show Stopper.
  14. really, they don't look like RF but more like pomme
  15. Gorgeous, congrats!