These Marc Jacobs Pumps?! Yes/No?? $350

  1. My shoe craze started last week, when I purchased a lovely pair of Chanel flats from a PF member in the marketplace. I spent $140 on them, which is the most I've ever dared to spend on shoes.

    Now I'm looking to break the record again on these shoes. Is it too much to spend on white shoes?? I don't have much experience with heels over 3", would it be too difficult to walk in for long lengths? Does anyone have experience with the quality of M.J. shoes??

    And would it be hard to match with my dark brown Spy bag??

    Thanks in advance to everyone, I really appreciate everyone's advice on this. :love:
  2. Those are ADORABLE!!!! I want the flats version but I cant find it anywhere at the moment.

    MJ shoes are great quality but for some you have to break them in for about a week, so blisters and all the other owies for a week, and then after that you're fine.
  3. These shoes are gorgeous. Not sure how much they retailed for but MJ shoes are very well made. Have they been worn? I can't tell or are they brand spankin' new? As for matching Black/white shoes with a dark brown bag. I'd have to say that's a no no. But, that's just me. Good Luck!
  4. They're new, bergdorfgoodman has them on the website for $350, 4 inch heel... I can't for the life of me find a used one.. If I did, I'd probably get it cuz it'll be cheaper.... isn't $350 US a lot of money??

    Janice, you don't think it'll go with my Spy?? Hm.. perhaps I should pass then....
  5. Actually, $350 for high end shoes is not alot in the US. I am by no means rich or anything but I fell in love with some Jimmy Choo's today for $750 (just to give you an idea). If you love the shoes get them and perhaps when you get a red,white,gray or black bag you can rock them with that bag. Some girls wear brown with black and white and it works. Its just not something I do.
  6. I LOVE those!
  7. LOve the shoes, and when you get used to heels 3" or 4" I can walk in them all day. But, since it has the black trimming I wouldn't wear them with your brown spy.
  8. ^ ditto what jeannie said. maybe you need a black spy now ;P
  9. OMG, I was looking at this pumps the other day... aren't they adorable?? :love: It's a big YES (and get yourself a new bag, girl, now you have a good excuse LOL!!)
  10. i love them!! the open toe is one of my favorite shoes!
  11. you should get them if you can find your size!
    i think they are adorable and pretty wearable (with jeans or dressed up etc)
  12. *laughs* Oh my gosh, you girls are all my new enablers!!! :lol:

    Now I'm thinking of splurging on these shoes AND saving up for a new baby Spy in white. Do you think they would match?? I am severely addicted to this forum and the new world of handbags and shoes!!! :nuts:

    (picture taken from theitbag blog)
  13. Hi again. you can totally Rock those shoes with the white baby spy.
  14. buy it lyn.:biggrin: it is gorgeous!
  15. I have those shoes but in all black and they are even prettier in person! I think they are very comfortable considering the height of the heel and they seem very well-made.

    They have them at Zappos Couture with free shipping. I like ordering from there b/c they have free returns too, in case you need another size or change your mind!

    Oh and they have the flats too! I love these!