These Louboutins...

  1. Does anyone know which style these are? Does anyone have them and how do they fit? Can you post pictures of you wearing them, please? If I am a UK 7 will Italian size 40 fit, as Matches says? And lastly, if you don't have them, do you like them?
  2. I have a pair of those, in white with red polkadots. Will get you name off box tonight.

    I'm a size 8.5 American, and these only come in full sizes. I usually am a 39.5 Italian, and the 39 fits me perfectly in these. Hope that helps.
  3. ^
    Thanks! Do you have any pictures of you wearing them?
  4. Love them!!! I really hope you get them.
  5. super cute shoes. Matches are really good at returns too, and postage is free so its well worth trying them fur sure.

    Hope you do go for them, and that you love them.