there's lots of nice b-bags @ "barney's" nyc gals

  1. i stopped by there after work today for the 1st time in forever & chatted with a super nice SA named lilly :tender:...they've got a bunch of the new colors (lots of gorgeous fall grenats) & older s/s '06 colors too...there were a bunch of ink bags in different styles (work, hobo/day, etc.) & works in alot of different colors (lilac, cornflower, rouille, ink & '05 caramel)...just make sure you ask for exactly what you want & no defects or rough edges (i saw some rough edges on the leather piping on 1 of the ink works)...many of you girls would have loved the leather on the ink works though, because they were all really thick & matte (except for 1) :yes:
  2. any emerald bags? or rouge vif yet?
  3. caramel work???
    sounds yummy :crybaby: i'm slapping my face convince myself not to be tempted
  4. nope, sorry beauxgoris, but i didn't see any emerald or rouge VIF :sad:
  5. oopsy, seahorse-girl, don't cry, it's actually cognac, not caramel ;)

    p.s. i just checked ateliernaff to re-confirm & it's from '06!!!