there's a yucky fake pewter city on e-bay

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  1. 01_1.jpg
  2. :yucky: Thanks for letting us know, aaa!
  3. Ugh... I love the starting price too. I hope no one buys it.
  4. :throwup::throwup::throwup: Whyyyy?? :crybaby:
  5. i e-mailed the seller & said they should be ashamed of themselves :yucky:
  6. Way to go! You are the official Balenciaga crusader! Wow, my master has so many talents!!! :biggrin:
  7. lol :lol: :blush: :lol: :blush:
  8. These scammers make me soooo sick!!!:throwup: :censor: :mad:
  9. Why would someone actually think this was real?
  10. Some ppl may not be as Balenciaga savvy. There are already bids on this, ack!
  11. good heads up, aaallabama!
    i saw this auction too and it made me :throwup:...
    pewter is notoriously difficult to photograph. people who aren't too familiar with the color might be easily fooled, unfortunately.
  12. And it's already up to $405!!! :yucky: Should someone notify the bidder? This is terrible!
  13. WHY is it up for over $400!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's ridiculous for a fake b-bag! WHY?! Don't people know that having the plastic wrap around the handles is a dead giveaway?! :wtf:

    I feel sad. And I'm so happy that I know so much about fake b-bags now after joining PF.:cutesy:
  14. The seller may be bidding it up her/himself. Look at all the bids by someone with zero feedback. It's really disgusting.
  15. [​IMG]