there's 2 matelasses on sale @ "bluefly" now!!!

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  1. Pretty! Are you going to get one :graucho:
  2. The violet one keeps jumping in my shopping cart! Luckily she's not there today. I need to just stay away.. or at least wait until there's another sale. :sweatdrop:
  3. ^^ LOL, she must get around, because she was jumping in & out of mine too!!! :roflmfao:
  4. ^^ nope, but only because i already found a medium plomb on sale @ NM's over the weekend was very naughty of me, but with the fear of these going extinct, i wanted to grab one while i still can!!!
  5. Oooohhhhh, bama, were there any other matelasse's on sale? Which NM? TIA!:yes:
  6. ^^ i don't know if there are any left anywhere now girl...i called every store in the west/southwest + honolulu & with the exception of the one i found, they were all either totally sold out or only had the small size left...but i didn't call any of the east coast stores, so i'd try them first!!! :tup:

  7. Yay aaallabama! i'm so glad you've got your hands on one!
  8. ^^ thanks sweetie, it's arriving today & i'm so excited!!! :yahoo:...i've been told by a buyer friend of mine that these aren't on the list anymore, so chances are they've been discontinued :sad:...i decided that i'd rather have one of these babies than a chanel quilted, since b-bags are my true love :love:
  9. There's also a brown medium matelasse and a black medium matelasse on Bag,Borrow or Steal Outlet section. Prices were just reduced.
  10. ^^ ACK, my steel matelasse just arrived & it's drop dead GORGEOUS!!! :wtf::yahoo::heart:...i'll take photos & post them tonight in KDC's matelasse thread!!!
  11. Yay!! can't wait for the pics :heart: the matelasse rocks!