There is ONLY **1** First time and it's my Richard Prince PINK Weekender !!

  1. I didn't expect it to get here SO SOON :yahoo:-- they called me Thursday and said it was in and started seeing the yellow ones show up --

    Girls/Boys, be nice -- I know you all have closets of LV but for this gal it's my FIRST and frankly, not something I thought I'd ever do. I think it's the Richard Prince/Jacobs connection that got to me -- (and the pictures my darn DH took of the bags in the Fifth Avenue window -- what was he thinking if he thought I could NOT order one after that ????)

    I'm a little nervous, frankly !! Saw it yesterday but now it's in that absolutely provocative box looking up at me waiting to be opened and ............... pics to follow soon with close ups and modelling. Just be patient with me please !!!

    Thanks !!
  2. i wanna see pics!
  3. pics pics pics 8)
  4. Wow! Congrats! I so wanna see pics!
  5. O:huh:..I can't wait =)
  6. congrats! what a grand entrance to the LV world!
  7. congrats and pics please...:tup::woot:
  8. Wow...your first piece and it's a Richard Prince? OMG, that's awesome, post pics soon, please.

  9. Ok -- here they are and I am torn. I was so excited to see the box, looked like everything I'd been led to expect from LV and now -- I am not so sure:

    The dust bag had dirt almost like someone stepped on it.
    There was no stuffing in the bag.
    No personal note from SA.
    BUT worst -- the bag (which I saw yesterday in person and picked up and held at Short Hills) is not flat across the bottom. It has a decided dent in it which who knows, with something heavy in it for a bit may smooth right out.

    But my mood went from thrilled beyond belief to you HAVE to be kidding me in two seconds flat. Not going to react, call, yet -- but I'd like your opinions and btw -- we can get excited about it tooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But DRAT it should have been a super happy experience not a ok, here we go, more problems I have to deal with experience. And for that alone -- I'm leaning on taking it back.

    But FIRST the happy here it is pictures with detail on how this little what they call pink/ I call salmon/orange/red Looks in the Flesh.
    wide.jpg side.jpg inside.jpg top.jpg sideb.jpg
  10. Here are the bottom pictures so you can see what I'm talking about -- I just don't remember the other one at Short Hills having this issue, and I would remember.

    GAHHH just please please why couldn't it have been perfect ?????????????????????

    OK I am backing up from the computer now and will wait for all the expert LV long time owner people to comment !!

    It's pretty darn gorgeous, isn't it ?????
    bottom.jpg bottomflat.jpg moreseeripplewide.jpg
  11. Conragts it's so pretty and pink
  12. Oh my, I think it is absolutely gorgeous! But if the little things you are talking about worry you try to find another one.
  13. I love the colours ! Congrats !! :smile:
  14. yes its GORGEOUS...if u r not happy with it..take it back...u pay so muhc, i would expect it to be PERFECT.:tup::heart:
  15. I think it looks great, remember it's still very new so u gotta wear it in a lil bit!!!! Congrats the color is stunning =)