There is a big ORANGE bag under my BED!!!!

  1. OMG!, I was looking at the list shopmom posted and started thinking....maybe it's under the bed again? I ran downstairs and saw this!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH:nuts: :wlae: :nuts: I am so excited, I don't know when to expect it and cannot be sure what it is:P ????? I am just so thrilled seeing an orange bag!!:lol: HOOORRRAYYYYYY!!!!!:yahoo: :upsidedown: :upsidedown:
    ORANGE BAG!!!!! 008.jpg ORANGE BAG!!!!! 007.jpg
  2. I am loving you and your sneaky self!!! LOVE IT...You've been a bad bad, girl!
  3. Holy CATS, STAR! We have to ADD you to the list!!!!

    How on EARTH can you stand this!!!!! I'd be breaking in any second!!!!!
  4. You SERIOUSLY have not looked inside?? Whats wrong with you woman!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. If my DH left that surprise under my bed, i'd be ripping open that box to shreds right now!

    .... have you???? :yahoo:
  6. This is the sweetest!!!!
  7. THAT looks like a bag box to me, baby!
  8. isn't it, Kellybag? That is incredibly sweet! I remembered star mentioning how her DH surprises her with bags on another thread and I thought to myself... it won't be long till star has hers! :shame:
  9. Oh no I haven't:nuts: , I seriously have not opened it...AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH, I am tearing up as I type I am so excited, especially since green tea posted it looks like a bag. I didn't even give it a little tug.:lol: I want it NOW - AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!
  10. AAAAwwww thanks rainrowan, any good vibe out to my DH is good karma for me, he is the best guy, thanks rainrowan.
  11. OH, MY! Star that is wonderful! I could not stand knowing something that large in my favorite color is so close at hand. When will you get to see what is inside?!!?
  12. If the hubby is not home I think you can at least pick the bag up for the weight-factor!!! That would be ok. It does look like a bag box though!!!!

    What do you want it to be?
  13. How exciting to find a large H orange bag under your bed! Keep us posted!
  14. Star ~ This Sounds Like A Dream Come True......

    I Just Ran & Told My Husband......Get Going!!!!! :smile:

    I Can't Wait To Hear More!!!!
  15. Awwww I can't wait to see whats inside!! Im sure its something really nice :smile: