Theoretical question about a scratch on box calf

  1. OK, just thinking about something....

    Theoretically, is is possible to repair a scratch such as this?

    I am sorry for the tiny pic, but appreciate your thoughts on this :p.

    box scratch.jpg
  2. I can't really see from the pic how deep the scratch is...
  3. Without seeing it closeup (or rather feeling it) I'd say that's repairable. They look like superficial scratches from the photo - if they are, you should be ok. I know I have taken in a couple of scratches that were very superficial and the piece came out looking wonderful.

    So, theoretically...what happened????
  4. I am waiting on pins and needles with you CB for an box expert to weigh in....
  5. So hard to see, have you tried Meltonian?
  6. Oh, well, no, its not my bag......:graucho: just something I know.....
  7. CobaltBlu, that's Raisin Box isn't it?

    From the pic, it looks like the scratch is superficial. And yes, the craftsman should be able to paint the colour back, buff it evenly and give it a spray of protection.
  8. lol, what are you up to??
  9. spill the beans, baby, so i can help ebable you!!!!!
  10. Oooh, exciting.....~!
  11. :yahoo: go CB!!!
  12. I L.O.V.E. raisin box :drool:

    So I am absolutely positive it can be fixed because I really want you to have it - what ever it is :p

    Kidding CB - I have no idea about the fix up but yum
  13. oh goody a new bag 4 u!! box is the one leather than is best for reconditioning i have been told, so maybe it can be fixed! i hope so. how much is this one?
  14. Hee hee hee
  15. oooooooooooooooh, Kellybag knows something......