Theda / Leonor ??

  1. The Monogram Theda or the Monogram Leonor and why?? Sorry but I'm not sure how to activate the poll option. :sad:
  2. Very tough decision but I just :heart: the Leonor. In saying that the monogram Theda is pretty too (not too keen on MC though). Shame they are both discontinued :sad: . Why oh why are all my fav LVs being discontinued????
  3. Leonor to me is just absolutely beautiful. :heart::heart::heart::heart: it! My vote would definitely be that beauty, I just adore its frills.
  4. I prefer the Theda.
  5. Leonor!
    The Theda is gorgeous too, but I'd be afraid because one can't really close it.
  6. I think both are really cute but it depends on whether you want to hand carry a bag or wear it on your shoulder. I think you should go with whichever one would be more comfortable for you. Good luck!
  7. hard decision. i love the look of the leonormore but it's harder to get into. the theda is pretty also but i don't like it in the mc.
  8. The Theda is my all time favorite LV.
    There's just something about that huge buckle that I've always loved.
  9. The Theda is totally looks great but is a pain to get in and out of and holds very little.
  10. Leonor Definitely
  11. Leonor !
  12. I like Leonor more than Theda.
  13. I like the Leonor too.
  14. Theda! I like the Leonor too, but the frills are high-maintenance.
  15. LEONOR definitely, it has much more detail and it is more appealing than the theda.:biggrin::yes: