Theda GM pics?

  1. Anybody got modeling pics of this beauty? The one's in the Ref thread are X'd.
  2. Here's a pic of my Theda GM Multicolore White....or were you after the Monogram?
    Multitheda small.JPG
  3. Thanks ladies! Beautiful!
  4. It's a super small bag despite being labeled a GM. You thinking of getting one, Alaska?
  5. :shrugs:

    the one on LT is pretty------- but :shrugs: IDK? Is it waaaaaaaaaay smaller than a Speedy 30?
  6. Wayyyy.
    Holds a wallet and that's it. Definitely an evening bag. Doesnt have a closure cause the sides are open. I used to have a black multi GM. in Actual size of entire bag isnt tiny, but cargo area holds next to nada.
  7. I have the Theda MC white GM too. Sorry no camera at the moment. It is smaller that the speedy but holds a wallet, makeup purse, mobile and sunglass case easily. Beware though because the bag is open from both sides so you have to watch out that nobody tries to lift stuff from you. I got mine in 2005 and paid USD 3425 for it. So far my most expensive bag. I love it so much and everyone admires it. I would go for it if you get the opportunity at a good price.
  8. It is small but I can fit my zippy wallet, cell phone, make up and cles in it no problem! Its such a lovely bag, but I might be tempted to get rid of mine since I haven't used it much.
  9. Oh, I'd never get rid of mine - it's a keeper.
  10. Here's my Theda with matching wallet to give an idea about the size.